Personalised Design Statements

Personalised Design Statements

Whether jewellery or pieces of interiors, you can personalise them and create your own design story. Such as telling a narrative through materials or your collection of colours, or those that have a strong visual impact.  Whether it is the playful trompe l’oeil of the gold and silver balloons of  Duffy’s Side Table, the strong visual impact of Judy Clark’s Bean Table. Or selecting your own porcelain fish from Luna Lighting’s Fish Chandelier, select your colours of the Case Pendant of Vitamin or Amonita Light from HR Design or the Serpent Necklace from Rentaro Nishimura.  Or commission a picture of your house or building.  These are all designers that have design collections that are emerging as highly collectable. You will find more Here. 

UP Balloon Side Table by Duffy London

The UP Balloon Side Table is a playful trompe l'oeil, the gold and silver balloons impress the illusion of a levitating glass table top. This piece captures the imagination and celebrates nostalgic creativity. This uplifting design was imagined by Christoper Duffy, with the concept of levitation and buoyancy.  

Duffy London’s designs are ideas-based, combining art and function and playing with the concepts of gravity, geometry and illusion.

UP Balloon Side Table by Duffy London

Comma Table by Judy Clark

With a handmade set of prototypes and a collection of colour swatches, Judy Clark’s story began to evolve. The idea was to create a range of utility inspired furniture that was designed with a sense of strong visual impact as well as being easy to use and suited to compact living. The tables are designed by Judy Clark, an artist with an international practice, whose design collections are emerging as highly collectable. Made by a family team in a workshop in Cornwall using high quality plywood bonded with specially chosen range of laminate surfaces. Once finished each table is signed, and delivered boxed for simple assembly.

Designed with small spaces in mind, Curve Top tables have a variety of uses around the home. They bring bright spots of colour and fluid lines which add focus to a space as well as being useful and practical. You can combine and contrast the colours and arrange the shapes in a variety of combinations to suit the dimensions of your space.

Comma Table by Judy Clark

Porcelain Fish Chandelier by Luna Lighting

“visiting friends in Lisbon during the sardine festival (also known as the Feast of St Anthony), I bought a souvenir cookie cutter in the shape of a sardine.  It was a wonderful immersive experience and I remember coming back to my friends’ apartment with my clothes reeking of grilled fish!  

Some time later, back in the studio in London, I was playing with cutting finely spread porcelain slip with this cutter and decided to incorporate other fish shapes too so bought the shark, dolphin and goldfish cutters online and started to work on the chandelier.  It took many months to work up the design and find a metalworker to make a suitable frame but eventually it came together. Extraordinarily and appropriately my first sale was to the very same friends in Lisbon and I flew out to install it last May. A wonderfully circular story!

Anna Perring creates designs that capture the purity of porcelain, yet they are uplifting and make people smile.

Porcelain Fish Chandelier by Luna Lighting


Larger Stately Jug by Lesley McShea

Lesley McShea has always been inspired by traditional architecture and especially industrial monuments and buildings. She says:

Although it may not be immediately obvious, my tapered jugs were inspired by the huge Cooling towers around the country. (sadly some are being removed now)

I was also very inspired when visiting Stoke on Trent, the Heart of British Potteries and factories, by the very large "Bottle" kilns still there, most are no longer in use, but still stand proudly, showing off their heritage and history.

My "Stately" jugs are loosely based on these structures, and also stand proudly with a very strong shaped handle, almost like they have their arm on their hip. “

They are all wheel thrown with durable white sandy clay, and hand painted with contrasting colours, a bare area of clay is left to accentuate the contrasts in the materials used.


Large Stately Jugs by Lesley McShea

House Portraits by Linescapes

These House or Building Portraits by Linescapes are created from photos and printed on archival paper, designed to last.

They are ideal as a wedding or anniversary gift, a reminder of a family home or perhaps a house warming or retirement present. They can also be customised with your preferred colours and even add the text of your choice. Linescapes can also add pets!

Linescapes was set up in 2014 by Amalia Sanchez de la Blanca. Linescapes specialises in highly detailed CAD architectural portraits of iconic buildings, architectural landmarks and bespoke commissions.

House Portraits by Linescapes

Case Pendant by Vitamin

Designed by Vitamin and Someday Designs, the Case Pendant plays on the simplicity and understated aesthetics of modern, minimal living. Handmade in the UK, the ceramic ‘case’ is produced in small batches to ensure the exact finish, texture and pigmentation are achieved. Creating a striking drop pendant that works equally well as a single light source, in rows or clusters. Vitamin and someday designs are both British design brands based in London.

Since 2004 Vitamin have paired quality design and functional innovation with an honest approach to materials and finishes. Someday Designs are collaborators and makers.  Their online store houses a collection of design-led furniture and homewares with a focus on high-end craftsmanship; beautiful pieces that are built to last.’

Case Pendants by Vitamin

Serpent Necklace by Rentaro Nishimura

SERPENT necklace is a reversible double-sided necklace created using 3D printer. The design was developed using CAD software, and it achieved flexible structure in various colour options.

The user could select a form of necklace suits to the outfit of the day by reversing and twisting the necklace. 

Rentaro Nishimura is a London-based multi-disciplinary designer. With an degree in architecture, his passion for design, construction and form led him into product design. His work draws on principles of origami, repeat modular forms, self-assembly and flat-pack designs.  

Serpent Necklace by Rentaro Nishimura

Amonita Light by HR Design Studio

“The design of the Amonita Light began with a spring rest that went to a junkyard.
Its shape reminded me of the spiral shape that the ancient Ammonite marine fossils have, and the challenge of telling this story through that piece of spring and turning it into a piece was the key to creating the lamp. “

The metal spiral with LED lighting creates a unique and exquisite lamp that fits in any room or office. The glossy finishes enhance Amonita at any time of day and the light reflection creates the illusion of a natural texture.

HR Design Studio are based in Portugal. They search for materials into different and constructive ways and combine and explore the limits of their potential.

Amonita Light by HR Design Studio

Dieneke Ferguson

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