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Thelermont Hupton is the collaboration of Yve Thelermont and David Hupton. After years working successfully in disciplines far removed from design the two independently trained in fine cabinet making. Designing is a labour of love for the duo, searching for a story or specific reason to design and produce an object. They focus on the detail, embrace functionality and strive for high production values that allow Thelermont Hupton products to deliver something distinct with a character and beauty that others choose to live alongside.

 In 2019 Thelermont Hupton donated 10% of their Hidden Art E-Shop sales to Maggie's Barts. Further info 

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Hover Planter
Hover Planter
Off the Wall Pots by Thelermont Hupton. Two sizes. Black, White and Orange
Off The Wall Pot
From £10.00
Utter Mouth Pot
Hover Vase by Thelermont Hupton. Bone China.
Hover Vase
Lunar Egg Cup, Salt and Pepper Shaker by Thelermont Hupton
Lunar Expresso and Juice Cup by Thelermont Hupton. White bone china
Reveal Bowl large by Thelermont Hupton
Reveal Bowl
From £35.00
Knee Mub yellow by Thelermont Hupton
Knee Mug
Primary coasters in yellow by Thelermont Hupton
Handjob Hooks Peace - by Thelermont Hupton - Grey
Handjob Hooks - Thumbs Up by Thelermont Hupton. White
Thelermont Hupton Handjob Hooks - Wave. White
Handjob Hooks - Wave
From £95.00
Lap Mug by Thelermont Hupton, earthenware, light blue
Lap Mug
Best Everyday Mug by Thelermont Hupton. Earthenware. In in blue, red, orange, yellow, green and purple.
Handjob Hooks Rock by Thelermont Hupton. White
Unfinished Round Shelf Clock by Thelermont Hupton in red and White Powder Coated Steel
Dash Mirror by Thelermont Huipton/ Bone China
Dash Mirror
Really Simple Clock by Thelermont Hupton beech
Turned Clock by Thelermont Hupton. Bone China
Turned Clock
Label Mirror by Thelermont Hupton. Bone China. White
Label Mirror
Drum Clock by Thelermont Hupton. Bone China
Drum Clock
Label Clock by Thelermont Hupton in bone china
Label Clock
Off the Wall Hooks by Thelermont Hupton. Black, White and Silver
Thelermont Hupton - Handjob Hooks - Okay. Resin composite with glass lacquer finish. White
Handjob Hooks - OK
From £95.00

30 results

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