Inspiration of Summer

Inspiration of Summer

27 August 2019

By Dieneke Ferguson

Prepare and Celebrate this year's summer with refreshing ideas and inspiration from our Summer Mood Collection. Whether it is for lively parties, outdoor relaxation or decorating the home, there are various products to choose from, featuring designs and popping colours. Invest in jewellery, mug or vase to get in the mood. Or capture your holiday memorie in a print or ceramics. You will find more in the Inspiration of Summer Collection.

Ship A – Sailing Print is a modern typographic sailors print, based on an old Nursery Rhyme.

Baldy and the Fidget say:

“As children, both Baldy and The Fidget would love a summer visit to the coast to play in the sand and watch the boats bobbing up and down on the waves. This print is formed from calm, happy memories formed during young carefree days escaping the daily grind (School). It always puts a peaceful smile on our faces when we look at it. Close your eyes and hear the waves. “

Baldy and The Fidget are husband and wife team Angus & Heidi Griffin. Both come from a create and ‘arty’ background and when their son was born in 2015 they wanted to leave their little boy a legacy of who they really area as artists and parents. Both combine modern and traditional techniques in the creation of their prints.

Ship A - Sailing Print by Baldy and the Fidget

Flow Plate – Sea by Julie Hutton Ceramics

This handmade earthenware ceramic plate is individually painted with an original design. It is part of her collection Flow. Starting from abstract painting, Julie then recreates parts of these paintings on to the surfaces of her handbuilt ceramic forms. They can be used as a side plate or as a wall painting. Julie says about one of her customers:

“These plates were purchased by a very lovely young woman, who had thoughtfully made up a Christmas hamper for her parents.  She wanted to include two of my plates as they had much admired hers. Now the summer is here the hamper and plates are being well used. “

Another customer wanting to bring something of the sea to her Cotswold home, secured her plates to the wall, as art works. 

Julie Hutton is a conceptual ceramic artist, living and working in Laugharne, Carmarthenshire.  She was previously a social worker and therapist and she is keenly aware of “ our need to feel connected to ourselves, others and our environment.”

Flow Plate - Sea by Julie Hutton Ceramics

Dolphin Healer, Mermaids, and Water Element Bracelet by Cosmic Light Union

This bracelet has Rainbow moonstone, Labradorite, Amazonite, Blue Chalcedony, Fluorite and Aquamarine. Dolphins and Mermaids enable you to ride the tide of life’s ups and downs adding a soothing touch for your journey.  It provides you with protection, clarity intuition and healing energies of the ocean + water element. It will help you to keep calm in the midst of a storm or allow you to relax and enjoy the ride of the un-expected and flow with life with joy. It will help you embark on new adventures and clear ones’ own fear towards new beginnings. Aids sleep.

Chipara Chu’Mana is an energy healer and artist.

 Dolphin Healer, Mermaids, and Water Element Bracelet by Cosmic Light Union

New Detray (Cherry) – Flexible Sofa Tray by Debosc

The first Detray was made in 2014, after an unfortunate, massive coffee spill caused irreversible damage to Debosc sofa. The poor thing never recovered and was sentenced to a life of cover-wearing, but the idea for the Detray came up, and Debosc was born!  Debosc was founded by the Bosch i Roura Family in Catalunia, Spain.

Detray takes the shape of the arm of your sofa and turns them into a stable space where you can leave your glass or cup without fear of spilling your drinks.Detray has been sold to TV presenters, actors, journalists as well as a FC Barcelona football club player.Debosc with Detray was selected a finalist for the ADI-FAD Delta Awards for Industrial Design in 2018.

Debosc specialises in the design and production of wooden objects. They look for solutions to small, everyday challenges.

New Detray (Cherry) - Flexible Sofa Tray by Debosc

Slot Together Brilliant Bee Kit by Gilbert13

A fun craft activity for all the family, the slot together bee kit comes with all pieces attached to a board ready for you to construct. Simply colour in the body and legs using a felt tip or Sharpie, then follow the instructions and create your bee by slotting the pieces together. Once made your brilliant bee can be proudly displayed sitting on a shelf or climbing the wall.

Gilbert13 are product designers based in Bolton. They say:

"The bee is celebrated by industrious cities all over the world particularly Manchester where we are based.  We initially developed the Brilliant Bee kit as a craft workshop for forest schools exploring the wonderful world of bees and thought these would be great as a make at home kit to keep little hands busy over the long summer holidays."

Slot Together Brilliant Bee Kit by Gilbert13

World Necklace by Hazelnut Jewelry

This necklace which comes in silver or gold has a world charm in the middle.

As for all of Hazelnut Jewelry’s collection it is characterized for being inspiring and daring, creating the perfect combination that you need to look good. Hazelnut Jewelry are a brand that firmly believes in the value of a 100% original and exclusive product.

Hazelnut Jewelry was born from the entrepreneurial spirit of young people looking to change the rules of the game. They believe in the jewelry as a way of expression, where you can make an infinity of combinations that helps you show your personality at its best.

World Necklace by Hazelnut Jewelry

Swan Flowerpot - Small by GIE El Home

A glass vase in an unusual shape. This flower vase adds a touch of summer and creativity to your home. Made of hand-formed honey-colored glass, it looks great alone or in a group of several vases. As it is made by hand each piece has a unique color, size and texture

GIE El create simple, original and timeless products for interiors. They combine modern trends in home furnishings with craft traditions. Inspiration is drawn from nature, the surrounding world and the beauty of simple everyday objects.  

Swan Flowerpot - Small by GIE El Home

 Lathed Planter by Harriet Caslin

The design is inspired by line and repetition inspired by mid-century design which she modelled on the wonderful plaster lathe in the studio. She focuses on simple forms, linear patterned design and soft contrasting colours to invite a tactile approach to her products and to appear to the user’s senses.

This handmade porcelain planter is a good example. It has unique linear layer details and is finished in a satin soft matte glaze making it very tactile to touch. It does not have drainage holes. It can also be used as a serving bowl or utensils and stationary pot.

She is currently based in Mersea Island off the Essex Coast. She is strongly influenced by her own Scandinavian roots and her time spent living in Denmark.

 Lathed Planter by Harriet Caslin


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