Founded by designers Tamara Williams and Joy Leese, RubyKite create original art works that are used in making silk scarves and accessories. Ideas always start with drawings, from a love of composition and visual space through to the energy and freedom of abstract line work. Unique textures are explored through different printmaking techniques which translate beautifully onto each scarf. Each colour story is printed in small batches and packaged by hand.
Ruby kite is always original with limited editions that stand-out as truly individual.

Design for the NHS is a collection of designs from 15 small design brands who are donating a percentage of their sales to support the NHS in their fight with Coronavirus. 

 10% of sales of their Pouches and Skinny Scarves are donated to the NHS. All products are in the Design for NHS collection. In addition Hidden Art also donates 10% of its sales to the NHS.

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Seaskape Skinny Silk Scarf by RubyKite


Wildscape Skinny Silk Scarf
£55.00 £60.00
Feather Skinny Silk Scarf by RubyKite


Feather Skinny Silk Scarf
£55.00 £60.00
Tree Skinny Silk Scarf by RubyKite


Tree Skinny Silk Scarf
£55.00 £60.00
Wildscape Pouch Cotton by RubyKite
Wildscape Pouch
Calendula Pouch by RubyKite in cotton
Calendula Pouch
Tree Pouch cotton by RubyKite
Tree Pouch
Wildscape Cashmere by RubyKite
Wildscape large Silk Square by RubyKite in Blue, Yellow
Wildscape Long Silk in Yellow by Rubykite
Seascape small square scarf in Blue by Rubykite
Wildscape Small Silk Square
£40.00 Sold Out
Wildscape Cushion Cover by RubyKite, Yellow, Blue
Tree Large Silk Square by RubyKite, Silk
Tree Large Silk Square
£120.00 Sold Out
Tree Silk Pocket Square by RubyKite, Yellow, Blue, Orange
Tree Long Cashmere Wrap by RubyKite
Tree Long Cashmere
£70.00 Sold Out
Calendula Large Silk Square by RubyKite
Feather Long Cashmere Wrap by RubyKite
Tree Cushion Cover by RubyKite
Tree Cushion Cover
£45.00 Sold Out
Feather Cushion by RubyKite
Feather Cushion Cover
£45.00 Sold Out
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