Lua Lua

lua lua is a distinctive contemporary jewellery brand dedicated to the creation of luxury hand made earrings, necklaces, bracelets and accessories. The brand is synonymous with vivid colours and sensuous shapes that embrace a beautiful minimal aesthetic. With a design emphasis on exquisite materials that combine traditional virtues with a flamboyant contemporary twist, the lua lua signature style of colourful perspex and silver jewellery offers a timeless elegance for women with a sense of adventure and innovation.


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rio earrings in black by Lua Lua
rio ear rings in green by Lua Lua
Tutti fruttin necklace by Lua Lua
Tutti frutti necklace shades of blue by Lua Lua
Tutti frutti pendant 1 by Lua Lua
Tutti frutti pendant 2 by Lua Lua
Boogie Woogie ear rings by Lua Lua
cosmos necklace by Lua Lua
Cosmos Necklace
rio necklace by Lua Lua
Rio Necklace
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