Bright Potato

Bright Potato is a multidisciplinary creative design studio based in west London. Founded by Spaniard Diego Martinez Pereira and Irishman David Beirne, Bright Potato is a reflection of the philosophical and intellectual approach used by the two to guide there professional and creative activities. Working to commission on large and small scale products, interiors and exteriors, the studio blends creative exploration with engineering practicality to create designs that work for the head and for the heart.

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Papillon Rip
Papillon Rip
Papillon Jet black Brass by Bright Potato
Eterea by Bright Potato
Peg Stool yellow Maple by Bright Potato
Peg Stool
Peg Coffee Table white maple by Bright Potato
Peg Coffee Table
Peg Bench White Maple By Bright Potato
Peg Bench
Peg Desk blue maple by Bright Potato
Peg Desk
Peg Dining Table - small black walnut by Bright Potato
Peg Dining Table - large white maple by Bright Potato
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