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Standing out from the crowd, all products in this collection make an impression with their exquisite designs, unique craftsmanship and top-notch materials.  Elegant decorative solutions for the home or office, striking clothing accessories for every moment, refined lighting suggestions, men’s jewellery for the style conscious and wonderful women’s accessories make up our over £100 collection. For gift solutions that go easier on your pocket you can always check out our £20-£50 or £50-£100 collections.

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Petit four stand with gold shoes by Undergrowth Design earthenware
Knot Lamp Small by Vitamin - Green
Thelermont Hupton - Handjob Hooks - Okay. Red
Handjob Hooks - OK
From £95.00
Ash Egg Trug by Jane Crisp
Ash Egg Trio
From £95.00
Glass Lamp Big olive green by Gie El Home
Glass Lamp - Big

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Stark Cuff by Barbara Yarde Jewellery in Silver
Stark Cuff
From £110.00
Thelermont Hupton - Handjob Hooks - Wave, Red
Handjob Hooks - Wave
From £95.00
Thelermont Hupton Handjob Hooks
Tower Bridge River Series Side Plates by Snowden Flood
Blaue Blume petit four stand with red shoes by Undergrowth Design
Glass Table Lamp
Glass Table Lamp
Papillon Rip
Papillon Rip
Amonita Light by Design Studio Hugo Riberio
Amonita Light
From £211.00

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Stark Hoop Earrings in Gold by Barbara Yarde Jewellery
Stark Hoop Earrings
From £145.00
Sparkled Top Comma Table Black by Curvalinea


Sparkled Top Comma Table

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Thelermont Hupton - Handjob Hooks - Rock On, Red
Ruby Raw Stone Stacking Ring by FrillyByLily
Galaxy Dome by Headsprung
Galaxy Dome
From £114.99
River Series Dinner plates by Snowden Flood
Hand Crafted Leather 'Merritt' Messenger Bag by Freeload - red
Marine Overnight bag by Freeload Accessories
rio necklace by Lua Lua
Rio Necklace
Chance eel skin clutch by Heidi Mottram
Chance Eel Skin Clutch

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Duffy Chalkboard Coffee Table

106 results

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