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Staring at the wall is usually neither exciting nor productive. With the wall decorations we’ve picked for you it can be both! Animate prints, glowing canvases, neatly framed designs and wallpapers with that extra ‘oomph’ that will breathe new life into your office or house walls and keep you inspired during the day.

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Beach Wallpaper
Beach Wallpaper
Bees Knees Hoop by Ashley Thomas
Bees Knees Hoop
Blue Swallowtail Butterfly Art Print by Terrarium
Butterfly Art Prints
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Flowers and Cooling Towers Art Print by Terrarium
Flowers and Cooling Towers Art Print
From £45.00 Sold Out
Henry's Teapot Hoop by Ashley Thomas
Hothouse Art Print by Terrarium
Hothouse Art Print
From £45.00 Sold Out
Hover Planter
Hover Planter
Just My Type Hoop by Ashley Thomas
Mrs Bobbins Hoop by Ashley Thomas
Off The Wall Pot
Prints Set by Snowden Flood
Rue Yvonne Translucent Artwork by Amanda Jane
Rue Yvonne Translucent Artwork

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Thelermont Hupton - Saucepan
Time for Tea Hoop by Ashley Thomas
You Are Loved Hoop by Ashley Thomas
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