Baldy and The Fidget

We are Baldy and The Fidget, aka husband and wife team Angus & Heidi Griffin. We both come from a creative, ‘arty’ background. Imagination and creativity have always been important in our lives. After the birth of our son in 2015, we realised we had neglected our Post-its of ideas of ‘could do’, ‘cool to do’ and ‘funny to do’ sketches and scribbles. We also wanted to leave our little boy a legacy of who we really are as artists and parents. Here, we want to share our many ideas with you in the form of museum-quality prints and all of our pieces are created at our London home and printed in a London studio. Angus creates ideas and images via his much-loved and worshipped computer. Heidi is ‘old school’ and hand draws everything in her trusty sketchbook. This combination of modern & traditional techniques, mixed with two quirky minds, makes for an exciting range of prints to suit most, if not all tastes.

Design for the NHS is a collection of designs from 15 small design brands who are donating a percentage of their sales to support the NHS in their fight with Coronavirus. 

 5% of all their sales are donated to the NHS. All products are in the Design for NHS collection. In addition Hidden Art also donates 10% of its sales to the NHS.

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