Soner Ozenc Product Design Studio

SOPDS (Soner Ozenc Product Design Studio) generates innovative ideas and converts them into profitable product/service proposals. It also provides Product Design Consultancy services and is involved in every stage of the product design development process. Its works have been exhibited in highly acclaimed exhibitions worldwide in the UK, Italy, Germany, Austria, South Korea and Japan. They have also received significant worldwide press attention so far from Elle Decor, I.D. Magazine, Art Review, The Independent, Evening Standard, etc.

Sister companies include for laser cutting and for 3d printing and experiential events.

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Soner Ozenc CMYK Shade
Soner Ozenc CMYK Shade Yellow
Dreams Mirror by Soner Ozenc
Dreams Mirror
Stamp Mirror by Soner Ozenc
Stamp Mirror
GloWings by Soner Ozenc
Keep Calm Board by Soner Ozenc
Keep Calm Board
Flag Mirror by Soner Ozenc
Flag Mirror
Quotation Mirror by Soner Ozenc
Tetris Mirror by Soner Ozenc
Tetris Mirror
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