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Chipara Chu'mana is an angel channeller, energy healer and artist. Her work is inspired by her clairvoyant visions and also her connection with other parallel dimensions mainly the angelic realms, the elemental kingdom and star beings. She creates energy infused products which include sacred geometry which have healing, loving energy from all levels of the cosmos as the universe is uniting to help the earth shift into a more elevated vibrational frequency. 

Design for the NHS is a collection of designs from 15 small design brands who are donating a percentage of their sales to support the NHS in their fight with Coronavirus. 

 25% of all her sales is donated to the NHS. All products are in the Design for NHS collection. In addition Hidden Art also donates 10% of its sales to the NHS.

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Ganesh & Lakshmi Wealth and Abundance Attractor Bracelet by Cosmic-Union
Clearing Grid Pendant with Amethyst by Cosmic Union. Charcoal
Eyes of the Dragon Kingdom Bracelet by Cosmic-Union. Gemstones
Dolphin Healer, Mermaids and Water Element Bracelet by Cosmic-Union
Activation Grid Gold Pendant in Clear Quarz by Cosmic Light Union
Quan Yin - Love and Acceptance of oneself and the world around by Cosmic Union. Gemstones
White Atlantis Dragon - Raising Vibrations Bracelet by Cosmic-Union.  gemstones
Pink Dragon and Mother Gaia heart Opening to trust, love and security bracelet by Cosmic-Union. Gemstones
Pink Dragon Guardian for Clarity in Manifesting Love Bracelet
Galactic Guardians Protection bracelet by Cosmic-Union.  Malachite, Amethyst, Black obsidian, Labradorite, Onyx.
Cosmic Unicorns & Archangel Raquel - Family Healing
Archangel Jophiel and Purple Dragon Bracelet by Cosmic-Union
Purification Sacred Geometry grid with Fluorite by Cosmic-Union. Gemstones
Purification Grid with Rose Quartz by Cosmic Union. Pink
Natural Flow Sacred Geometry with Picture Jasper necklace by Cosmic-Union
Elevation with Citrine Sacred Geometry Necklace by Cosmic-Union. Crystals.
Unicorn Earrings for connection to the universal heart, by Cosmic-Union. Crystals.
Manifestation with the Fairies for Love and Beauty Earrings by Cosmic-Union. Gemstones.
Mermaid Totem Earrings for Clarity by Cosmic-Union. Crystals, Plywood
Activation Grid Earrings by Cosmic Union. Gemstones
Deer Totem Earrings by Cosmic Union
Emotional Healing Grid Necklace by Cosmic-Union
activation Grid (silver) Pendant in clear Quartz by Cosmic-Union. Light Grey.
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