Linda Bloomfield

Linda Bloomfield designs and makes tableware based on her thrown porcelain, with dimples and visible throwing lines showing the hand of the maker. She uses a tactile satin matt glaze on the outside and colour on the inside. She makes her own range of glazes and is particularly interested in the translucent colours obtained using oxides rather than commercial stains. She has written several books on glazes and teaches courses on colour in glazes.

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Tactile porcelain bowl by Linda Bloomfield
Tactile Coloured Plate
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Blue Cosy Bone China Teapot by Linda Bloomfield
Pink Tactile Porcelain Mug by Linda Bloomfield
Tactile Mug
Tactile Cosy Mug by Linda Bloomfield
Cosy Mug
Dimpled Cup by Linda Bloomfield
Dimpled Cup
Linda Bloomfield, Bone China Organic teapot
Linda Bloomfield, Organic Teapot
Organic Teapot
Linda Bloomfield - Tactile Coloured Bowl - Turquoise
Dimpled Bowl by Linda Bloomfield
Dimpled Bowl
Linda Bloomfield, Dimpled Bottle
Dimpled bottle
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