Wood's natural beauty, warmth and richness make it a great addition to any classic or contemporary setup. From Ash to Walnut this section is full of wooden designs for those that are looking to add warm and timeless touches to their spaces. Home accessories, office solutions, decorative pieces and lighting suggestions all made from wood is what you will find here.

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Ash Egg Trug by Jane Crisp
Ash Egg Trio
From £95.00
Trio Birchwood Breakfast Trays by Jonna Saarinen
DeTray Flexible Sofa Tray by Debosc Natural Wood
Bangles by Jane Crisp
Embrace Store Furniture walnut by John Green Designs
East Design Andrew Cunningham Inlaid Dot blockclock
Incastro Lampshade - Printed Birch Ply by Damdesign
Really Simple Clock by Thelermont Hupton beech
45 Walnut coat hanger by John Green Designs
Teanset compact table in white by Jody Leach
Teanest (White)
Spatula by Heather Scott
From £7.00
Tab walnut light shade by John Green Designs
Embrace Store Furniture - Birch by John Green Designs
Mobe - Accessories Hanger by Dan Hoolahan
Mr and Mrs bird boxes by Desinature
Sixlite lampshade - printed Birch ply by Damdesign
Screenprinted Bauble Wreath by Gilbert13
Ash Wall Hooks - Set of 3 by Utology
Large Nested Egg Shaped Trugs by Jane Crisp
Thelermont Hupton - on the Edge Mirror
Birchwood Breakfast Tray by Jonna Saarinen in Multicolour
Sparkled Top Comma Table Black by Curvalinea
Sparkled Top Comma Table

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Tab oak light shade by John Green designs
Duffy Chalkboard Coffee Table

77 results

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