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Whether attending a party or holding a special gathering at home, what you wear is just as important as what you prepare to wrap up and put under the Christmas tree. If you're in need of inspiration, going to be the hostess or shopping for a one of a kind jewellery for a fashionista or friend, we've put together a range of earrings, necklaces, bags and scarves that will sure to delight and bring a glow to their face.
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Rio earrings Red by Lua Lua
Petra Ring by Hazelnut Jewelry, in sterling silver or gold
Petra Ring
From £14.00
Ganesh & Lakshmi Wealth and Abundance Attractor Bracelet by Cosmic-Union
Gem cufflinks by Barbara Yarde. Sterling Silver and set with Amethyst stones.  Amethyst
Gem Cufflinks
From £250.00
Purple Green and Pink Star Scarf by Amanda Jane's
Star Scarf
From £40.00
Red Aluminium Women's Suffrage Cuff by Sally Lees
Frilly by Lilly, Silver Feather Earrings
A Whale of a Time Bracelet by Amanda Jane
A Whale of a Time Bracelet

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Activation Grid Earrings by Cosmic Union. Gemstones
Tutti Frutti Pendant by Lua Lua in Orange, Pink and Red
Archangel Jophiel and Purple Dragon Bracelet by Cosmic-Union
Queen of Hearts - CROWN by Rentaro Nishimura
Solei Necklace by Hazelnut Jewelry, silver or gold
Solei Necklace
Twirl Poulard Leather Zip Purse by Heidi Mottram


Twirl Poulard Leather Zip Purse
£36.00 £45.00

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Bangles by Jane Crisp
Bobble and Twinkle Bracelet by FrillyByLily
Bobble and Twinkle Earrings by FrillyByLily
Coins Necklace by HazelnutJewelry in Sterling Silver or Gold
Coins Necklace
Cosmic Unicorns & Archangel Raquel - Family Healing
Cone Earrings by Hazelnut Jewelry. Gold or Silver
Cone Earrings
Dolphin Healer, Mermaids and Water Element Bracelet by Cosmic-Union
Amanda Jane heart mother of Pearl Earrings red silver
Heart Mother of Pearl Earrings

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Helion Ring by Hazelnut Jewelry. In Sterling Silver or Gold
Helion Ring
Silver loop bracelet by Little Object pink blue green
Loop Bracelet

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89 results

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