Make dad smile this Father's Day with a unique gift that he will remember, wear, or use. There's something here for all types of dads; the handy DIY dad, the sporty dad, the hard-working dad and the fun-loving dad! We have catered for everyone's fathers' needs from practical laptop holderscool lighting, screwdriver sets and fun cards that will make even the grumpiest of dads smile! You find more products here

Derest – Laptop Holder by Debosc 

Derest Laptop Holder by Debosc

The DEREST is a laptop holder made of birch wood. It is designed so that you can leave your computer in an upright position, taking up very little space, while not in use. The DEREST is built in three very light pieces that can be easily assembled and disassembled, and stored in seconds. The stand can accommodate laptops up to 3 cm in thickness, so it may even fit two! In addition, you can charge the device while it’s placed in the DEREST,and have it ready for next time. 

Debosc specialises in the design and production of wooden objects. They look for solutions to small, everyday challenges. 

Case Pendant by Vitamin 

Case Pendant by Vitamin

Designed by Vitamin and Someday Designs. Handmade in the UK, the ceramic Case Pendant is produced in small batches to ensure the crisp form, tactile finish and exact colour are achieved every time. A drop pendant that works equally well as a single light source, in a row or a cluster. With its neat proportions and tactile quality Case is an elegant and versatile light, easily placed within any space. 

Since 2004 Vitamin have paired quality design and functional innovation with an honest approach to materials and finishes. Someday Designs are collaborators and makers.  Their online store houses a collection of design-led furniture and homewares with a focus on high-end craftsmanship; beautiful pieces that are built to last.’ 

London Stoneware Mug by Lesley Mc Shea 

London Stoneware Mug by Lesley McShea

This is a wheel thrown durable Stoneware ceramic Mug. It is made with speckled white stoneware clay. It has been glazed on the inside and top edge with shiny tin white glaze, the speckles in the clay show through the glaze, giving the whole thing a lovely speckled "egg shell" appearance. Hand made and glazed, so some variation on finishes do occur.There is an impressed London stamped on the side of the mug, also Lesley's Potters stamp appears on the base. It is 7 cm high. 

Lesley calls herself an established "Punk" Potter / ceramicist. Her work is mainly wheel thrown unique durable stoneware functional ware. Although each piece appears similar, there are subtle differences that make each piece unique and a one off.  

Sloths we Miss you Card by Tee and Toast 

Sloths we Miss you Card by Tee and Toast

A silly card with a cute sloth illustration to tell friends & family you miss hanging out and spending time with them. Each card is digitally printed with their quirky hand-drawn doodle, folded to A6 and comes with a bright envelope 

Illustrator Claire Mullan from Tee and Toast who is based in sunny Belfast designs things that make you smile. 

3D Printed Bicycle Trouser Clip by Gilbert13 

3d Printed Bicycle Trouser Clip by Gilbert13

Stop trousers getting caught in your bike chain and look great too with this modern 3D printed bicycle clip with coloured elastic cord. Easily attached and comfortable to wear, the cord wraps around the bottom of your leg and securely fastens back onto the 3D printed clip keeping your trouser leg from getting tangled in your chain and helps prevent getting dirty trousers on your daily commute. It stores away in your pocket when not in use and is available in a range of colours so you can co-ordinate with your outfit or bike. The bike clip is available in 4 colours: Blue, Red, Yellow or Black and you can mix and match this with the coloured elastic cord which is available in red, black, green and yellow for a really personalised look.  The clip features an abstract pattern inspired by the spokes of a wheel and is made using 3D printing technology in nylon in coloured elastic cord. 
Gilbert13 is a North West based design studio,who's inquisitive and experimental nature is reflected in their fresh thinking products. They push the performance of materials and processes into new areas to create unique and striking products which challenge people’s perceptions.  

House Portraits by Linescapes 

House Portraits by Linescapes

House or building portraits make a perfect gift, or a beautiful keepsake for a special occasion. They are ideal as a wedding or anniversary gift, a reminder of a family home or perhaps a house warming or retirement present. All the commissions are created from photos and printed on archival paper, designed to last. They can also be customised with your preferred colours and even add the text of your choice.  

Linescapes was set up in 2014 by Amalia Sanchez de la Blanca. Linescapes specialises in highly detailed CAD architectural portraits of iconic buildings, architectural landmarks and bespoke commissions. 

No 2 Screwdriver Set by Elementary Design 

No 2 Screwdriver Set by Elementary Design

The No.2 screwdriver set from Elementary Design is a handmade reproductions of two originals designed by Justin Holmes for himself when, as a cabinet maker, he was unable to find a set of screwdrivers which met his requirements for comfort, quality and simplicity. 

The beech handles are fitted with solid brass ferrules and are finished by dipping in linseed oil. The initial matt appearance will darken with age and become polished with use. 

Elementary Design specializes in product development and manufacturing, bringing new products from the “fuzzy front end” to finished goods. 

Bauhaus Mini Modern Bookcase – Grey by Parametre 

Bauhaus Mini Modern Bookcase - Grey by Parametre

A bold, freestanding low bookcase inspired by Modernist design. Handmade in premium grade Baltic birch plywood and British hardwood. This symetrical cabinet holds around 60 'B format' paperbacks. A central void is designed to house newspapers, magazines etc. The end panels are veneered in a choice of coloured high pressure laminate. 

Parametre is a fresh furniture and product design studio based in Hackney, East London.  
The studio was founded in 2019 by Jonny Williamson, an East London designer/maker and Hackney resident of 20 years. 

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