Inspired by Flowers and Plants

Inspired by Flowers and Plants

With the arrival of warmer weather, flowers of various shapes and sizes are in full bloom, bringing colour, beauty and fragrances to our lives. Our designers found inspiration in their surroundings and nature subtly weaving the curves, textures and colours of plants and flowers into everyday objects. From jewellery to candles and cushions to vases, find all the floral inspiration you need in our Plant and Flower Collection. Discover ideas in our suggestions for planting and bringing flowers into your home all year round. 

I.V. Plant Pot by Vitamin

I.V. Plant Pot by Vitamin

This self-watering plant pot's main feature is a medical drip feed. This unique characteristic allows the plant to be nourished with water and food as it is required. The drip feed provides a striking design focus as well as acting as a reminder to its owner as to when it needs topping up. Made in Fibre Glass.

Since Vitamin was set up in 2005 its mission has been to produce designs which are more than just a little out of the ordinary. With a keen eye for detail, refinement and quality mixed with a little fun and originality, Vitamin’s product offering spans furniture, lighting, ceramics and homewares. Based in the heart of London’s East End, Vitamin has built up a worldwide presence with its products sold all across the globe. 

Hand-painted turned Beech Lamp with a handmade shade by Snowden Flood

Hand-Painted Turned Beech Lamp by Snowden Flood

 A while ago Snowden hand finished and decoratively painted a few beech table lamps (from a rural UK maker) for her home.  She received so many compliments and requests for these from visitors that she thought she would make a few for her site.  Each one is available with a pretty matching - handmade- lampshade made from her Raoul Linen Fabric. 

Each lamp is completely distinct as they are personally hand painted to order.  These lamps are UK grown beech hardwood and they are manufactured in the UK. 

Snowden Flood is an interior accessories designer. She studied Fine Art and then did a masters in sculpture in NYC. She is inspired by many different things but is particularly keen on souvenirs and keepsakes. She frequently undertakes commissions - clients include Tate Modern, British Museum, Chatsworth House, London Transport Museum. Her work is made in the UK.

Blooming Postponed Big Day Card by Tee an Toast

Blooming Postponed Big Day Card by Tee and Toast

Cute card to make someone smile when their plans for a big day have been postponed or cancelled. Think of wedding days, graduations or big birthday celebrations. Each card is digitally printed with our quirky hand-drawn doodle, folded to A6 and comes with a bright envelope.

Tee and Toast is a friendly and independent t-shirt company with a quirky sense of humour based in sunny Belfast. With the help of many a cup of tea, illustrator Claire Mullan designs unique tees and things that will make you smile. They  love owls, foxes, dinosaurs, robots, fairies, mushrooms and gnomes... and at Teeandtoast they are obsessed with all things to do with a good brew!

Keli Vase by HR Design Studio

Keli Vase by HR Design Studio

Keli is your new desk companion! An eco-vase for your favourite plant. Made out of wax with fragrances, it perfumes the environment and thanks to its geometric shapes you can create a unique and elegant ambiance for your space. The wax allows freedom for creating incredible new shapes and with a waterproof material, you can water your plants and watch them grow.Keli is available in 5 colours, all with different fragrances

HR Design Studio is a Portuguese design studio with the will to create, explore and show new details in Design.  Behind the obvious, is the motto for the search of materials into different and constructive ways. Originality is the combination and exploration of the limits of their potential.

Palm Mug by Sasha Tugolukova

Palm Mug by Sasha Tugolukova

Fine bone china mug is a part of Sasha Tugolukova collection featuring intricately drawn palm plant and butterfly with gold plated rim. Perfect for any occasion, it makes a wonderful gift on it's own or mix and match to create a unique and dynamic set. Designed with love in London, produced with fineness in Stoke-on-Trent. 

All designs from Sasha Tugolukova emerge from creative exploration through pencil illustrations and create unique high quality lasting pieces that could not only be used but cherished and collected.

Leaves Earrings by Hazelnut Jewelry

leaves Earrings by Hazelnut Jewelry

Material: 925 sterling Silver or Gold

Hazelnut Jewelry was born of the entrepreneurial spirit of young people looking to change the rules of the game. They believe in the jewelry as a way of expression, where you can make an infinity of combinations that helps you to profile you personality. All their collections have a piece of their love and essence, and is characterised by being inspiring and daring, creating the perfect combination that your daily look needs. They are a brand that firmly believes in the value of a 100% original and exclusive product.

Hoverplanter by Thelermont Hupton

Hover Planter by Thelermont Hupton

The Hover Planter are Cylindrical plant pots that appear to hover away from the wall and also allow room for plants to grow. These are perfect for creating vertical arrangements and flourishes of flowers, herbs and greenery. Suitable for the home, office or hotels and restaurants. These pots are made from bone china by craftsmen in Stoke on Trent, UK

Thelermont Hupton is the collaboration of Yve Thelermont and David Hupton. After years working successfully in disciplines far removed from design the two independently trained in fine cabinet making. Designing is a labour of love for the duo, searching for a story or specific reason to design and produce an object. They focus on the detail, embrace functionality and strive for high production values that allow Thelermont Hupton products to deliver something distinct with a character and beauty that others choose to live alongside

Haveli Puppeteer Side Plate by Suitcase Susie

Haveli Puppeteer Side Plate by Suitcase Susie

Succumb to magical nights of glorious entertainment in the old Havelis of Rajasthan with this ornate plate depicting a traditional Indian puppeteer, surrounded by patterns inspired by woodblock prints and henna patterns. Ideal for eating your gulab jamun from (or even your toast at breakfast),or go for a set of all three decorative plates to adorn your walls.

Made from fine bone china, these products are screen printed and hand decorated in small quantities in Stoke-on-Trent, home of the famous British Potteries.

Suitcase Susie, founded by Michelle Kent, is a luxury range of fine bone china tableware and home textiles with distinctive designs inspired by travel. All the products are British made – the textiles in Lincolnshire and the tableware in Staffordshire, home of the famous British ‘Potteries’. These pieces aren’t mass-produced on a factory production line,but are lovingly hand-finished to a very high standard


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