Wonderful Birthday Gifts

Wonderful Birthday Gifts

By Dieneke Ferguson

30 July 2020

If you’re puzzled about buying a birthday gift you’ll find great ideas and inspiration in our Birthday Gifts collection. We have a great selection of birthday gifts for him and her at various prices. If what you’re looking for is not here you can always check out our different price range collections to find something that fits both your budget and the taste of your birthday boy or girl. You find more products here

The Complete Multicolour Rimini A5 Notebook and Washitape bundle by Jonna Saarinen

The Complete Colour Rimini A5 Notebook by Jonna Saarinen

This bundle is for all the three notebooks and two washi tapes designs from the Rimini collection. These super fun notebooks feature 48 pages of squared paper and 300gsm white recycled board covers printed on both sides and the printed 15mm x 10m paper washi tape rolls also sport the same Rimini print by Jonna Saarinen. The prints are from the summer 2020 collection, and inspired by beautiful summer holidays by the Adriatic coast, where Jonna's family travelled with their European friends when she was growing up. A part of Jonna's heart will always remain by the sea in Rimini and Riccione, and those long summer days will always be sunny. The designs were created by using hand cut paper shapes.

Happy Birthday Maxi Tealight Holder

Happy Birthday Maxi Tealight Holder by Luna Lighting

Wonderful for the mantlepiece, on the dining table or in the garden are the enchanting fine porcelain tea light holders, the Luna Maxis. Each is hand thrown and decorated with tiny holes depicting the words 'Happy Birthday' that give a magical flickering glow. Natural ivory white porcelain with glossy transparent glaze.

Anna's mini tealight holders are fired to 1260 degrees so that the porcelain vitrifies and becomes especially translucent and tactile. With a flickering tealight inside the pretty patterns she creates shine through and create a magical atmosphere. 

Wildscape Skinny Silk Scarf by Rubykite

Wildscape Skinny Silk Scarf by rubykite

Rubykite’s beautiful Wildscape skinny silk scarves are printed on a luxe silk satin, double faced and with elegant tapered ends. As seen on the catwalks this season, tie yours in your hair, around your neck, as a belt, around your wrist ….the styling opportunities are endless. Each item is handwrapped in slim white gift boxes finished with smart double ribbons, so it arrives looking special. 

Founded by designers Tamara Williams and Joy Leese, RubyKite create original art works that are used in making silk scarves and accessories. Ideas always start with drawings, from a love of composition and visual space through to the energy and freedom of abstract line work.

CMYK Shade Two Colours by Soner Ozenc

CMYK Shade Two Colours by Soner Ozenc

The motivation behind the CMYKshade design is efficient use of material -thus to create minimum waste.

CMYKshade is laser-cut out of an acrylic sheet. With its wise method of assembly, it wastes minimum amount of material in manufacturing and takes up minimum space when packaged. It is made in the UK. It comes in a flat-pack and is self-assembly which is the fun part.

Soner Ozenc generates innovative ideas and converts them into profitable product/service proposals. It also provides Product Design Consultancy services and is involved in every stage of the product design development process.

Watch Me Burn by Roxane Dewar Illustration

Watch Me Burn by Roxane Dewar Illustration

This piece was inspired by the strength and power of women. Roxane wanted to capture these emotions in the figures expression without having to use typography. She intended the backdrop to take on a surreal impression, hinting toward a dreamlike feeling.

Roxane Dewar is a London born illustrator who  uses a mixture of digital drawing and traditional hand illustrated techniques within her work.

Ipanema Scatter Cushion by Soklara

Ipanema Scatter Cushion by So Klara

Designed to evoke memories of overseas travels and the sun-drenched beaches of South America, the Ipanema Cushion will add a pop of sophisticated colour to every living space.

Inspired by Brazil’s iconic Ipanema Beach and its surrounding mountains, this versatile decorative cushion works beautifully with neutral palettes and modern decor, bringing energy and vibrancy to boutique hotels, bespoke shops, restaurants, and home interiors.

SO KLARA provides handcrafted silk scarves, luxurious home decor accessories and vibrant art fabrics. Visually striking, these statement pieces are created for discerning clientele with distinctive taste and a passion for the finer things in life.

Hidden Message Fine Bone China Cup by Takae Mizutani and Sons

Hidden Message Fine Bone China Cup by Takae Mizutani and Sons

Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in Takae's signature cat illustration cups. A hidden message inside the cup makes your day a little brighter!

The cup comes in two cheerful colours: the blue choppy design features an otter and the message 'Feel human again?' The yellow calm sea design, features a submarine and the hidden message 'A cup of tea makes everything better doesn't it?' 

Takae Mizutani and sons was established in London in 2007 by Takae with the help of her two cats Mooks & Guiness. Their aim is to create products that bring a little smile to people's faces. Their creations often remind you of nostalgic childhood memories and childlike naivety.

Boogie Woogie – Earrings Circle by Lua Lua

Boogie Woogie Earrings Circle by Lua Lua

Inspired by Mondrian, the 'Boogie Woogie' collection features bold primary colours and refined elemental shapes. The juxtaposition of silver and perspex adds a sublime elegance to this signature lua lua range.

Lua Lua is a distinctive contemporary jewellery brand dedicated to the creation of luxury hand made earrings, necklaces, bracelets and accessories. The brand is synonymous with vivid colours and sensuous shapes that embrace a beautiful minimal aesthetic. With a design emphasis on exquisite materials that combine traditional virtues with a flamboyant contemporary twist, the Lua Lua signature style of colourful perspex and silver jewellery offers a timeless elegance for women with a sense of adventure and innovation.

Dieneke Ferguson

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