Gifts for Birthdays

Gifts for Birthdays

This is a collection of gifts for birthdays – for him, for her, for the budding musician, the animal lover, the Bauhaus admirer, the crystal enthusiast….  It will certainly put a smile on your loved one’s face or be a special memory.  And if you can’t find what you want, there is more here on Gifts for Birthdays

Sally Lees  - Women’s Suffrage Guitar Pick

women's Suffrage Guitar Pick by Sally Lees

This really cool guitar pick made from polished aluminium is a great gift for the budding musician.. Inspired by the women's suffrage movement it has the motif of the scroll on which the Representation of the People Act is written on and was part of the collection of jewellery made for the Houses of Parliament for the Voice and Vote exhibition in 2018. Red was one of the colours of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies alongside green and white. This guitar pick is aluminium so is best for rock or bass guitar due to its hard, rigid nature. They are tactile and pleasing to use too.

Sally is a metalworker at heart and uses her traditional jewellery making skills and those of printing and dying aluminium to create stylish original jewellery for both women and men.

Linda Bloomfield – Tactile Coloured Plate

 Tactile Coloured Plates by Linda Bloomfield

This is a tactile porcelain plate in soft turquoise, green or grey which is from Linda Bloomfield’s mass produced range. Linda makes all he own glazes in jewel like colours.

Linda trained as a scientist before fulfilling her dream of becoming a potter.


Tee and Toast – Tea-rrific Birthday Card

Tea-rrific Birthday Card by Tee and Toast

Everyone knows someone special who is completely mad about tea and this unique card is the perfect way to send them a birthday greetings. Each tea-rrific birthday card is hand drawn and decorated by using only the friendliest of fairtrade teabags. Each folded to A6 cream card is hand drawn with love and comes with a brightly coloured envelope.

Illustrator Claire Mullan from Tee and Toast who is based in sunny Belfast designs things that make you smile.

Sasha Tugolukova  - Zebra and Coco Teacup & Saucer

Zebra and Coco teacup and Saucer by Sasha Tugolukova

This fine bone china teacup and saucer set features an intricately drawn zebra galloping across the cup and a coco plant with gold plated rims. Designed with love in London, produced with fineness in Stoke-on-Trent it makes a wonderful gift.

Sasha’s designs emerge from creative exploration through pencil illustrations with the aim to create high quality lasting pieces that could not only be used but cherished and collected.

Tiana Jewel London - Amethyst Violeta Hoop Earrings

Amethyst Violeta Hoop Earrings by Tiana Jewel London

Amethyst has been highly esteemed throughout ancient times, due to its magical powers to stimulate, and calm the mind and emotions. Known as the "Gem of Fire," it was as precious as a diamond! Traditionally, it is also known as the stone of St Valentine and faithful love, carrying with it the energy of fire and passion, creativity and spirituality.  Tiana Jewel London says:

 “Amethyst has fast become one of my all time favourite crystals! As well as its incredible healing properties, it has so much depth and beauty which just always shine through this enamouring gemstone! “

Amethyst quartz is known as the stone of the violet flame helping to protect against negative energy. It is often used to beat addictions and to help to cure insomnia. The Amethyst Violeta Hoop Earrings have been seen on Excessories Expert, Elizabeth Savetsky!

London-based Tiana Jewel London is a bohemian inspired jewellery brand designing power healing crystal pieces.

Takae Mizutani – Hidden Message Fine Bone China Cup

Hidden Message Mug by Takae Mizutani

Takae's signature cat illustration cups have a hidden message inside the cup that makes your day a little brighter! 

The cup comes in two cheerful colours: the Blue Choppy Design features an otter and the message 'Feel human again?' The Yellow Calm Sea Design, features a submarine and the hidden message 'A cup of tea makes everything better doesn't it?' 

 Takae Mizutani and Sons aim to create products that bring a little smile to people’s faces.

Barbara Yarde  - Gem Cufflinks

 Gem Cufflinks by Barbara Yarde

Barbara Yarde’s pieces are influenced by her travels and everyday life. Of her Gem Cufflinks in sterling silver and with amethyst stones she says:

I had the idea for my Gem Cufflinks after a recent visit to India, I was inspired by the colours and sounds of Jaipur & Kolkata, and the grace and perfection of the geometric patterns found in almost all of the buildings. Whether it was travelling on a train or walking through the pink city, I was intrigued and absorbed by everything.”

Designk  - Kleiner Kreis Cup and Saucer

Kleiner Kreis Cup and Saucer by DesignK

DesignK creates graphical and artful objects inspired by Bauhaus. His objects are characterised by minimalist, geometrical forms and shapes.

The Kleiner Kreis Cup and Saucer embraces the spirit of Bauhaus and is part of the Geometry collections which are characterised by a combination of precise geometrical components. These geometrical shapes were transformed into tableware and the depiction of forms were inspired by Oskar Schlemmer’s “Triadisches Ballett”.

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