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14 April 2020

By Dieneke Ferguson


Here you will find the most loved gifts chosen by you from the past year. It is always a journey seeing the changes and shifts in this particular collection, for it marks the changes in our environment, the world and ourselves with the times. Unlike any other, the products in this collection are the most popular; sometimes for its beauty at other times functionality, timelessness or even cuteness. To make your shopping experience easier, we've put them all here from jewellery to home accessories.  You can see more here

Handjob Hooks - Peace by Thelermont Hupton

Handjob Hooks – Peace are part of a series of handmade coat hooks and wall art based on familiar gestures from the welcoming to the more expletive!

The use of hands as a means of communicating emotions and messages is widespread and instantly recognisable. These hands grow from the wall in a series a familiar gestures portraying welcome, pleasure, farewell and indeed hostility to create wall art or somewhere for your coats to call home.

Gestures include Thumbs UpWaveRock OnShakeOKUp Yours, and Peace

Thelermont Hupton is the collaboration of Yve Thelermont and David Hupton. After years working successfully in disciplines far removed from design the two independently trained in fine cabinet making. Designing is a labour of love for the duo, searching for a story or specific reason to design and produce an object. They focus on the detail, embrace functionality and strive for high production values that allow Thelermont Hupton products to deliver something distinct with a character and beauty that others choose to live alongside.

 Handjob Hooks - Peace by Thelermont Hupton

Queen of Hearts – Crown by Rentaro Nishimura

A self-assembly ring, laser-cut from a single acrylic sheet, inspired by the "Queen of Hearts" from Alice in Wonderland he off-cuts are used to frame the product, making it easy and safe to send by post, and also acts as a stand for the ring and the message card. Recyclability is at a maximum through the use of recyclable materials and no glue or secondary materials. The product comes with three different ring sizes attached (16, 17 and 18 mm diameter), a ring to fit all sizes. Colours are available in Black, Red, Clear and Blue, Pink, Plum and Brown.

Rentaro Nishimura is a London-based multi-disciplinary designer. With an degree in architecture, his passion for design, construction and form led him into product design. His work draws on principles of origami, repeat modular forms, self-assembly and flat-pack designs.  

Queen of Hearts Ring by Rentaro Nishimura

Wired Shoe Rack by Headsprung!

Simple and minimalist wall mounted shoe rack in chrome that is designed to be functional in use, but unimposing when free from shoes. Wired holds up to 3 pairs of men's shoes or 4 pairs of women's shoes.

Women's high-heel shoes are held facing outwards, allowing for quick identification of each pair. Men's shoes (and women's flat heel shoes) are held in a cantilever style.

Wired's wall mounted design gives unobstructed access to floor space under the rack for easy cleaning. The supplied plastic back guard eliminates any chance of dirty shoes marking or staining your walls. Wired's 'open' design and the minimal surface contact it has with shoes improves air flow around the rack, allowing wet shoes to dry quicker. The modular design means you can install multiple racks on a wall to provide efficient shoe storage.

Founded by design engineer Hemal Patel, HeadSprung is a London-based practice specialising in the design and manufacture of contemporary home accessories, furniture and lighting. With a mission “to make good design more visible and accessible to the masses”, we take everyday objects and inject them with fun, flair and utility to create products that combine function and beauty.

Wired Shoe Rack by Headsprung

Urban Gnome Original by Vitamin

Vitamin's Gnomes are the alternative to the traditional garden gnome - it is the "must-have" gnome for the modern consumer. The original gnome comes in a range of cool black graphical designs. The gnome stands 21cm high. There are 24 to choose from, including for Valentine's. 

Vitamin was set up by brothers Chris and Andy Vernall in 2004. Their mission is to produce designs which are more than just a little out of the ordinary. This definitely includes their Gnomes. First came the Urban Gnome in 2005, which were hailed as the alternative to the traditional garden gnome and the ‘must-have’ gnome for the modern consumer. Even Katy Perry bought two of them

Made in the UK from bone china, they are sleek and simple and a blank canvas for the 12 designs making it a characterful addition for any home. The original gnomes have names such as Heart,Ants, Bamboo, Dandelion, Dragon, Eskimo, Scatter, Skull, Undergrowth, Wallpaper, Wings and Zip. Urban Gnome Heart by Vitamin.

For further details see this article

urban Gnome Original by Vitamin

A large River Thames Mug by Snowden Flood

The Large River Thames Mug came about because Snowden’s customers loved to buy her Thames Tea Set but didn’t have time to have tea in the teapot from a cup and saucer. So therefore they requested a Thames Mug. Snowden tried to fit the whole of the course of the Thames on the mug. So now you can pretend you are on a little boat trip while you sip your tea or coffee.

Snowden Flood is an interior accessories designer who is inspired by many different things but she is particularly keen on souvenirs and keepsakes. She frequently undertakes commissions for clients such as Tate Modern, British Museum and the London Transport Museum. Her work is made in the UK.

A Large River Thames Mug by Snowden Flood

New Detray (Cherry) – Flexible Sofa Tray by Debosc

The first Detray was made in 2014, after an unfortunate, massive coffee spill caused irreversible damage to Debosc sofa. The poor thing never recovered and was sentenced to a life of cover-wearing, but the idea for the Detray came up, and Debosc was born!  Debosc was founded by the Bosch i Roura Family in Catalunia, Spain.

Detray takes the shape of the arm of your sofa and turns them into a stable space where you can leave your glass or cup without fear of spilling your drinks.Detray has been sold to TV presenters, actors, journalists as well as a FC Barcelona football club player.Debosc with Detray was selected a finalist for the ADI-FAD Delta Awards for Industrial Design in 2018.

Debosc specialises in the design and production of wooden objects. They look for solutions to small, everyday challenges.

New Detray (Cherry) - Flexible Sofa Tray by Debosc

Trioglo Tealight Holders/ Vases Set by Ralli Design

Trioglo is a set of three earthenware tealight holders / vases. When used with tealights these elegant holders are designed to emulate pillar candles that will never melt down, are easy to clean and nest inside each other to store. When flipped over these vessels are perfect for use as vases.

Ralli’s products have pure, functional forms with a space saving element. They are made from fine English earthenware and manufactured at the renowned Royal Stafford pottery in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

 Trioglo Tealight Holders/ Vases set by Ralli Design

Kreis Mug by DesignK

The Kreis Mug is part of the Geometry Collection. Embracing the spirit of Bauhaus the Geometry Collection is characterised by a combination of precise geometrical components. These geometrical shapes were transformed into tableware and the depiction of forms inspired by Oskar Schlemmmer’s “Triadisches Ballett”. The fine earthenware clay is decorated and glazed by hand and each piece comes with a unique shape and finish.

The London-based designer Byung is the founder of DesignK. Minimalist, geometrical forms and shapes characterise his objects. He explores to bring the tradition into modern styles with handcrafted small batch of products, of which every piece is a limited edition

Kreis Mug by DesignK

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