Easter at Home

Easter at Home

30 March 2020

Dieneke Ferguson

This Easter most of us in the UK will be staying at home and only go out to shop to the supermarket, medicines or for your daily exercise.  But whoever you are with, you can make your home festive to celebrate Easter in Style. Whether it is laying a splendid table for your Easter meal or creating a festive atmosphere with flowers or prints.   

These are some of the products selected by Hidden Art to help you with this.

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Luna Maxi Happy Easter tealight by Luna Lighting

Luna Lighting’s ivory-white porcelain Tealights are an absolute delight for any occasion. They are uplifting and make people smile. Handmade in her Central London Studio, they are fired to 1260 degrees so that the porcelain vitrifies and becomes especially translucent and tactile. With a flickering tealight inside the pretty patterns she creates shine through and create a magical atmosphere. The Luna Maxis are hand thrown and decorated with tiny hole Easter patterns that give a magical flickering glow. Wonderful for the mantlepiece, on the dining table or in the garden.

 Luna Maxi Happy Easter Tealight by Luna Lighting

Swan Flowerpot – Small by GIE El Home

The Swan Flowerpot in glass has an interesting and organic shape. Handcrafted in Poland, each glass has its own colour, shape and drawing. Whatever colour you choose it adds a touch of fantasy to your home and creates a living table or a console table centre. Placed in monochrome interiors, with bright stones or raw concrete it adds to the sense of modern style.

Designed by GIE EL, who are a contemporary brand focused on creating furniture, lighting and accessories for decoration of interiors. They search, design and discover beautiful items for the home and interiors, offering simple, original and timeless products and a well-tailored design.  They combine modern trends in home furnishing and the craft rooted in tradition. They draw their inspiration from nature, the surrounding world and the beauty of simple, everyday objects.

 Swan Flowerpot by GLE EL Home

Chocolate is the Answer Tea Towel by Ashley Thomas

Ashley Thomas produces beautify interior accessories and giftware from her humerous designs and whimsical illustrations. Her range is all about making a house a home. Her collections are feminine, quirky and patriotic. A colourful mix and match, vintage style prints and conversational scenes are her signature style. Handmade in England

Chocolate is the Answer Tea Towel is a wonderfully useful tea towel for an extra helping hand in the kitchen, keeping the smoke alarm quiet or simply drying up.

With hand painted florals and a quote saying "Chocolate is the answer who cares what the question is". 

Chocolate is the Answer by Lesley Thomas

 Tower of London Side Plate by Snowden Flood

Due to popular demand Snowden has added two new designs to her River Series ceramics.  She defies anyone walking along the River Thames not to stop and stare in awe as they come alongside the Tower of London.  It's a great sight and if you've read any Hilary Mantel book you might well shudder at the history you think of. She especially loved all the turretty bits so that is what she drew.

She says:

“When you see the Tower of London - on a walk along the Thames opposite, or maybe over Tower Bridge, you still gawp in disbelief.  It's in the centre of a huge bustling city and there it is, forcing you to stop and think about the history of this place.  Of the people who've been locked up  or brought there in by boat along the river.  The ravens, the beefeaters and the jewels too!  It's simply stunning and we are lucky to have it. “

Snowden Flood is an Interior Accessories Designer. She is inspired by many different things but is particularly keen on souvenirs and keepsakes.

 Tower of London Sideplate by Snowden Flood

My Egg and Soldiers by Takae Mizutani

Takae’s aim is to create products that bring a little smile to people’s faces. Their creations often remind you of nostalgic childhood memories and childlike naivety. Inspiration comes from simple questions such as “why can soldiers not have their own stand?”. They love simple ideas which give you endless imagination and spread the smile!

For most of us morning is like the start of a battle to a hectic day ahead. 'My Egg & Soldiers' breakfast set is perfect for anyone who enjoys some fun and good energy in the morning.

My Egg and Soldiers by Takae Mizutani

 Bone China OrganicTeapot by Linda Bloomfield

Linda Bloomfield designs and makes tableware based on her thrown porcelain, with dimples and visible throwing lines showing the hand of the maker. She uses a tactile satin matt glaze on the outside and colour on the inside. She makes her own range of glazes and is particularly interested in the translucent colours obtained using oxides rather than commercial stains.

The Bone China Organic Teapot has a beautiful organic shape which pours well, with a tactile satin matt glaze on the outside. The shape is inspired by midcentury modern ceramics such as those by designer Eva Zeisel. The teapot is made from bone china in Stoke-on-Trent, made in a mould from an original hand thrown model.


Lunar Collection: Egg Cup, Salt and Pepper Shaker by Thelermont Hupton

Thelermont Hupton is the collaboration of Yve Thelermont and David Hupton. After years working successfully in disciplines far removed from design the two independently trained in fine cabinet making. Designing is a labour of love for the duo, searching for a story or specific reason to design and produce an object. They focus on the detail, embrace functionality and strive for high production values that allow Thelermont Hupton products to deliver something distinct with a character and beauty that others choose to live alongside.

The Lunar Collection consists of the Egg Cup, Salt and Pepper Shaker as well as the Espresso and Juice Cup.

The Egg Cup is created from the intersection of three eggs. It also has a lunar aesthetic, reminiscent of mid-century imagery of space landscapes. With the egg in situ ‘lunar’ creates a mini breakfast sculpture. Brilliantly white and delicately translucent, bone china is the epitome of luxury. Beautiful yet functional. The egg cup has been cast and hand finished by traditional craftsmen from a family company in Stoke on Trent, UK.

A pair of triangular Salt and Pepper Shakers take the form of a piece of cut toast. Simple geometry and arrangement of the dispenser holes create personality. These can be used as a companion to the 'lunar' egg cup.

A perfect compliment are the Lunar Expresso and Juice Cup in bone china. Elegant and simple. Brilliantly white and delicately translucent, it is the epitome of luxury. Beautiful yet functional.

Lunar Collection: Egg Cup, Salt and Pepper Shaker by Thelermont Hupton

Here are the Lunar Espresso and Juice Cup

Ash Egg Trio by Jane Crisp 

Jane Crisp makes objects for life that say something and amplify traditional techniques in a contemporary way. Inspiration sparks from the flora and fauna and evolutionary crafts of her rural surroundings at home, in Hale Fen, Cambridgeshire. Her products consist of small batches of steam-bent trugs, joined and constructed using traditional boat-builder’s techniques and fixings. They are made to use and love but have strong sculptural qualities that create movement within a rigid structure.

The Ash Egg Trio consists of classic, simple and understated vessels that have naturally sweeping repetitive lines. The strong light forms can be stored one inside the other and if you catch them in the wind they will rock like boats. These trugs are finished with a completely natural food safe hard wax oil.  

 Ash Egg Trio by Jane Crisp

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