You're my Valentine

You're my Valentine

Make the one you love feel special this year and make Valentine’s Day the one to remember. Celebrate the memories shared and made through the seasons, thoughtful gifts with a story to tell, of love, unforgettable moments and belonging.   You can find more gifts here

Swirl Tealight Holder – set of 6 by Headsprung!

 The design of the Swirl in 2016 came about as Hemal, the founder of Headsprung! wanted to design something that was graphic and that would be like a piece of art on a table’s surface; that was modular so that the user could play with it and change its arrangement to create their own art; that had a low profile, so that you could maintain a clear, unimpeded view of the person sitting across the table at dinner parties.

As the Swirl is made by hand making it with such a fine, reflective surface was pretty difficult.  For the first batch Hemal remembered spending hours in a hot, stuffy factory in India testing different polishes and processes until they settled on something viable.  He was very glad that night when he could leave the factory and get some fresh(-ish) air.

Swirl Tealight Holder by Headsprung

Wherever We Are Together Cushion by Ashley Thomas

This handmade cushion features a collection of bugs and butterflies and the quote: “ Home is wherever we are together” The butterflies on the cushion are butterflies draw from an insectarium in Mauritius from Ashley’s honeymoon in 2010.

Ashley Thomas’s designs aim to add a fun, conversational touch to the home. They are digitally printed in England and features an envelope opening for easy cleaning and a duck-feather pad inside with the designer's signature rosette which is removable.

Wherever we are Together Cushion by Ashley Thomas

Flow Plate – Sea by Julie Hutton

The Sea Flow Plates are a reflection of the place where Julie lives. A small estuary township in West Wales that has been well documented by the famous poet Dylan Thomas. The ebb and flow of the estuary and surrounding sea scape is mesmerising.

Julie recently sold a set of plates to someone from Wales. She bought them as a gift for her sister who now lives in Spain, as a reminder of her home. Julie comments that “to create something that become part of someone else’s everyday life is an incredible feeling” 

Julie is a conceptual ceramic artists who lives and works in Laugharne.

Flow Plate - Sea by Julie Hutton Ceramics

Puppy Love Print by Baldy and the Fidget

Puppy Love is about celebrating romantic, paternal or platonic love. These cute little rag doll puppies are relaxed, holding hands together and just.....being.

This is a great loving print for a friend, family member, new beau or spouse. Perfect for someone who has held your hand every step of the way or as a symbol to show that you will always hold someone’s hand through thick and thin.....and put a great big heartwarming smile on everyone’s face!

Baldy and The Fidget are husband and wife team Angus & Heidi Griffin. They both come from a creative, ‘arty’ background. Imagination and creativity have always been important in their lives. After the birth of their son in 2015, they realised they had neglected their Post-its of ideas of ‘could do’, ‘cool to do’ and ‘funny to do’ sketches and scribbles. They also wanted to leave their little boy a legacy of who they really are as artists and parents.  

Puppy Love Print by Baldy and the Fidget

The Hover Vase by Thelermont Hupton

Thelermont Hupton is the collaboration of Yve Thelermont and David Hupton.

They love plants and love things that decorate the wall. These Japanese inspired single stem wall vases were designed as a sister project for their Hover planters. They wanted to design a pot that would sit a little way from the wall to allow foliage and flowers of plants to flourish, have some breathing space and prevent them from being bunched up against the wall. To that end the pots have an extended ‘arm’ to help with this. It is a simple, functional feature which is also used on the Hover Vases.

The Hover vases are slim cylindrical single stem vases that appear to hover away from the wall. They are beautifully handmade from fine bone china and are bright, white, strong and glossy. Made in Stoke on Trent.

The Hover Vase by Thelermont Hupton

See also Thelermont Hupton continue to donate to Maggie's Barts in 2019

Keli Vase by HR Design Studio

Keli is an eco-vase for your favourite plant. It is made out of wax with fragrances and perfumes the environment.

Keli's story began when Hugo was working in an open space and all the desks where people worked every day were very impersonal.  He wanted to create that bond with the daily work space and have something that you could take care of every day. He started to explore materials and then came up with wax for candles which is a material that normally is not used in pots. They also discovered that the wax is a great material as you can water the plants and the vase doesn’t need a saucer. The next he thought:  "well it would be even better if we can have different fragrances and this way we can have any type of plant and we always create an environment on the desk and around"

That led to the birth of the Keli Vase with different aromas that contributes to improve the day to day of people.

Keli Vase by HR Design Studio

Queen of Hearts, Rentaro Nishimura

The Queen of Hearts is a self-assembly ring, laser-cut from a single acrylic sheet, inspired by the "Queen of Hearts" from Alice in Wonderland. The off-cuts are used to frame the product, making it easy and safe to send by post, and also acts as a stand for the ring and the message card. Recyclability is at a maximum through the use of recyclable materials and no glue or secondary materials. The product comes with three different ring sizes attached so it fits all sizes

Queen of Hearts by Rentaro Nishimura

Streets of Paris Silk Scarf by Amanda Jane's

The Streets of Paris Scarf is more than just a scarf, it tells its own story and is inspired by one of Amanda’s favourite cities. This one captures the timeless beauty in the demure streets of Paris that join at the bottom as it is worn.

Beautifully handmade 100% silk scarf that is hand dyed, stitched and then screen printed with a Paris Street Scene on the tips! This scarf is designed with delicate tones of colour. Each scarf has a main colour in the middle then dipped dyed at either ends with another colour, blending as they meet. 

Amanda Jane’s strives to make products that people will want to keep.

Streets of Paris Silk Scarf by Amanda Jane's

Dieneke Ferguson

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