Our Most Loved Gifts

Our Most Loved Gifts

22 January 2019
By Dieneke Ferguson

These are our Most Loved Gifts chosen by you. Whether it is innovative solutions to everyday challenges, functional objects with personality or an experimentation of materials. Each has a story to tell and each is a reflection of the designers. There is more in our Bestsellers Collection

Luna Mini Double Heart Tealight

Anna Perring’s wide collection of playful ivory-white porcelain tealights has been evolving since 2001 when she first launched the Luna Snowball.

Her aim was to create designs that capture the purity of porcelain yet are uplifting and make people smile. 

They are all hand-made in her studio and have tiny holes making the porcelain become translucent and tactile. Anna’s mini tealight holders are fired to 1260 degrees so that the porcelain vitrifies and becomes especially translucent and tactile. With a flickering tealight inside the pretty patterns she creates shine through and create a magical atmosphere.

There are more than 40 in her Luna Mini Range and they are highly collectable.

Luna Mini Double Heart Tealight by Luna Lighting.


New Detray – Flexible Sofa Tray by Debosc

The first Detray was made in 2014, after an unfortunate, massive coffee spill caused irreversible damage to Debosc sofa. The poor thing never recovered and was sentenced to a life of cover-wearing, but the idea for the Detray came up, and Debosc was born!  Debosc was founded by the Bosch i Roura Family in Catalunia, Spain.

Detray takes the shape of the arm of your sofa and turns them into a stable space where you can leave your glass or cup without fear of spilling your drinks.

Detray has been sold to TV presenters, actors, journalists as well as a FC Barcelona football club player.

Debosc with Detray was selected a finalist for the ADI-FAD Delta Awards for Industrial Design in 2018.

Debosc specialises in the design and production of wooden objects. They look for solutions to small, everyday challenges.

New Detray - Flexible Sofa Tray by Debosc


Therma Cup by Therma Cup Co

The story of the Therma Cup comes from Jody Leach’s own personal need of an insulated cup and the designer of great tasting coffee.  He set himself the brief to design a cup that will keep a coffee at a perfect temperature without tainting the flavour. The cup also had to be comfortable to hold and have a capacity of 8oz so he could use it as a takeaway cup.

The Therma cup was launched initially in white via a Kickstarter campaign, different colours were introduced later. The interest has grown sufficiently enough for Jody to launch the Therma Cup co at the 2018 London Coffee Festival.

Therma Cup by Therma Cup Co. Blue

Handjob Hooks by Thelermont Hupton

The Hand Job hooks were conceived while the founders Yve Thelermont and Dave Hupton were still on a Furniture and Product Design course. They were interested in functional objects with personality and an ability to communicate. This became the motivation that led initially to a collection of different hand shaped door knockers as a means for people to deliver messages and for others to receive them. A series of familiar gestures were used portraying welcome, pleasure, farewell and hostility.  

The Handjob Hooks were first exhibited in February 2004 at the Furniture Works gallery based at the London Metropolitan University and their first international show was at Salone Satellite, Milan Furniture Fair in April 2004.

Hands and gestures are understood all over the world although not necessarily meaning exactly the same thing wherever you go. Hands are expressive, they have a language of their own and we find people always respond to this communication. People love to treat themselves or others to an object that speaks to them and as their handmade hooks are finished with a beautiful glossy, light reflecting finish in rich colours they just seem to tantalise people. Over the years, as decorative wall art or hooks they seem to have captured the imagination of individuals, retailers including those like La Rinascente in Milan, Liberty or interior designers specifying them for clubs, restaurants and hotels like Citizen M and some Hilton hotels.

Trio of Hands by Thelermont Hupton - Handjob Hooks

Tactile Coloured Plate by Linda Bloomfield

The Tactile coloured porcelain plate is used by several restaurants, including the Royal Albert Hall Cafe Bar, Luca restaurant in Clerkenwell and a recent pop-up restaurant the Jam Shed Supper club in the Southbank Centre. It is a manufactured version of her handmade porcelain plate, with a soft swirl and a tactile satin matt glaze on the outside rim and base. The colours turquoise, grey and green were inspired by 1950s textiles.

Linda Bloomfield designs and makes tableware based on her thrown porcelain. She makes all her own glazes and she has recently also designed a manufactured range.

tactile Coloured Plate by Linda Bloomfield, porcelain

No 3 Screwdriver Set by Elementary Design

Each Screwdriver is made by hand in a small craftsman’s workshop in England by Justin Holmes. Justin honed his design skills 15 years ago at the Royal Collect of Art.

His handcrafted luxury screwdrivers are handmade reproductions of two originals Justin created for himself when, as a cabinet maker, he was unable to find a set of screwdrivers which met his requirements for comfort, quality and simplicity. Each handle is made from solid beech and is finished by individually dipping and soaking in linseed oil. They are sold worldwide.

No. 3 Screwdriver Set by Elementary Design

Scribble Coat Rack by Headsprung!

The Scribble is Headsprung’s best selling product by volume. He nearly didn’t release the product because he thought it’s too similar to the Ribbon. He originally designed it to be able to fit through a standard letterbox.

It is a wall-mounted coat rack inspired by a scribble mark drawn with a calligraphy pen. Its swift, flowing form is indicative of calligraphic embellishments and the penmanship of days gone by.

Scribble holds up to 5 coats and has dedicated space on either end for scarves, umbrellas, and other day-to-day accessories.

Design Engineer, Hemal Patel, is the founder of Headsprung! The company takes mundane everyday objects and injects them with fun, flair and functionality to create products that look beautify, work effortlessly and are reasonably priced.

Scribble Coat Rack by Headsprung!

Turquouise blue Cast Mug by Lesley McShea

These unique slip cast mugs evolved from using some plaster casting moulds that Lesley McShea had made for a customised production of unique coloured mugs.

There were originally made in red, yellow, black and blue. (Still available)

The turquoise ones proved the most popular so she has continued to make more of these.

They are hand produced and glazed so variations do occur which in her opinion adds to their character and appeal. They are slightly lighter in weight to her wheel thrown mugs too.

She still enjoys making them and love using them as well as all her other items.

 Turquoise Blue Cast Mug by Lesley McShea. Stoneware

Dieneke Ferguson

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