Xmas Gifts Made with Love & Wonder from Amanda Jane's

Xmas Gifts Made with Love & Wonder from Amanda Jane's

15 November 2018
By Annie Wu

Working Amanda Jane's

Inspired by fairytale stories, magical wonders, and childhood memories, our talented mixed media artist and designer Amanda Jane's creates products intended to be kept and transcend time. From jewellery to scarves, each is created using original drawings and photos. Some are stitched, hand-dyed then screen printed with her designs that tell a story or speak of loving scents and memories untold. Her collection make great gifts, each filled with wonder and made with love, perfect for someone special this Christmas.

Lucky Jelly Bean Bracelet by Amanda Jane's

Originally trained in Fashion and Textiles at Edinburgh’s Telford College then a degree in Contemporary Applied Arts at the University of Cumbria, Amanda’s designs are often remembered for her delicate colour palettes. All are limited products not mass-produced and stand out for their high quality and skilled design.

Design Your Own Santa's Sleigh by Amanda Jane's

One of the most playful and festive gift is the “Design Your Own Santa’s Sleigh”. It comes with a 3D, laser-cutted, wooden reindeer and sleigh, allowing you to decorate the sleigh with candies and other goodies. After you finish decorating it, you can prop it on a frosty landscape of fake snow or whatever your imagination takes you. A perfect addition to your home and a fun way for the kids to be involved in festive creativity.

Wooden Prancing Reindeer by Amanda Jane's

These reindeers are handmade from wood, then painted and screen printed with festive words. They will sure add a whimsical touch to your Christmas tree and come with red or cream soft ribbon. Your choice.

Streets of Paris Scarf by Amanda Jane's

After she graduated in 2011, she has been building her brand and products, creating new scarves, jewellery and gifts. Sometimes the colours of each scarf are slightly different from each other, making each one special and have the touch of the maker.

Time Travel Silk Scarf by Amanda Jane's

One of my favourites is the Time Travel Silk Scarf, crafted of pure silk and with glimpses of journeys by sail boats across the vast map of the world. I love exploring every detail and object in this particular scarf that captures moments in time and adventures yet to be had in life.

Peas in a Pod Charm Bracelet and Necklace by Amanda Jane's

At a very young age, Amanda enjoyed drawing and building objects with her hands using cardboard, Kenex and Lego. By the age of 7, she learned how to knit and make small fabric bags with her mum’s sewing machine.

Her collection continues to grow and many of her jewellery are currently on Sale, up to 30% off on selected bracelets and earrings. Explore her full collection here. 

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