Storytelling Tealights & Xmas Magic with Luna Lighting

Storytelling Tealights & Xmas Magic with Luna Lighting

21 November 2018
By Annie Wu

Anna Perring, founder of Luna Lighting, is a maker of hand crafted ceramic lights, each with a different design, each with a story and each with the power to bring a magical atmosphere to your home. Anna has been developing her collection of playful, porcelain tealights and sculptural table lamps since 2006. Based in the heart of Bloomsbury in Central London, her studio is full of collectable lights that make people smile and still evolving. Her popularity speaks for itself and is popular on our e-shop all year round.

Star Tealight by Luna Lighting

Originally she worked in publishing but she fell in love with ceramics after she had her second child and was persuaded to take a ceramic’s course. As the years passed, she did less and less publishing; eventually her business took off when she joined Cockpit Arts. Her passion for what she does and her business – even till this day – continues to flourish.

Luna Mini Westie by Luna Lighting

Purity, simplicity, warmth, sparkle and handmade are just some characteristics of her beautiful collection. They make perfect gifts for your loved ones, each bearing the maker’s mark with visible throwing lines. With the cool clean lines and personal touch, her products represent the balancing act between the head and heart.

Luna Mini Skates and Mini Skier by Luna Lighting

To allow the light from the candle to shine through, tiny holes are made in the light holder using a variety of found and made tools. The holes also form an image. Then the tealight is then fired to 1260 degrees so that the porcelain vitrifies and becomes translucent and tactile. They’re then glazed in a glossy off-white.

Luna Mini Eiffel Tower by Luna Lighting

In today’s world, if something is handcrafted or handmade, we often think of something truly special. Anna has created several unique wedding and anniversary commissions which include special motifs, names, dates and she goes the extra mile to make your occasion extra special.

Luna MIni Christmas Trio by Luna Lighting
Some favourites to decorate the mantel, top of a book shelf, dining table or side table for the weeks leading up to Christmas. When spring comes around, you can also fill each holder with soil and plant cactus or flowers in each one.

Luna Love Tealight by Luna Lighting
Covering all tastes – from hearts to flowers and animals to festive designs. There’s something for everyone. Her collection continues to grow and you can find her full collection here.

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