The Festive Christmas Table

The Festive Christmas Table

The Christmas period is a good time to curate your table and find that special design from one of the designers, lights, unique plates, cups and saucers, coasters and placemats. This is the edit that gets you going and gives you inspiration.

The Swirl Tealight Holder by Headsprung - set of 6 

Swirl Tealight Holder - set of 6 by Headsprung

Special Offer from 20 November – end December 2019

The Swirl is a set of 6 tealight holders whose design is inspired by flourishing swirls and the art of paper quilling.  The complete set compromises 12 parts – 6 swirl shapes of different forms and sizes, and 6 cups that hold the candles.  The cups fit into the circular end of each swirl. The Swirl was designed in line with HeadSprung’s penchant for ‘functional art’.   

Hemal Patel (the designer) says: “With the Swirl we wanted to create a tealight holder that is more than just an accent piece for your room, we wanted to create something that can be a focal point or centre piece for your dining table or coffee table.  We also wanted it to be configurable so the user can set the aesthetic for his or her specific needs.  And, just as importantly, we wanted to create something that is beautiful in its own right, whether the candles are lit or not.

The long flowing lines and eye-catching design means the Swirl is more than just an accent piece for the mantel or sideboard. It is designed to be an artistic statement, and a focal point (or centerpiece) for the dining table, even when the candles are not lit. The Swirl can accommodate tealights or candlesticks and was designed to be modular and configurable, allowing to be set it in different patterns or arrangements depending on mood or room decor.   

Founded by design engineer Hemal Patel, HeadSprung is a London-based practice specialising in the design and manufacture of contemporary home accessories, furniture and lighting. With a mission “to make good design more visible and accessible to the masses”, we take everyday objects and inject them with fun, flair and utility to create products that combine function and beauty.

Aurala Mixed Colours Cork Coasters set of 6 by Jonna Saarinen

Aurala Mixed Colours Cork Coasters by Jonna Saarinen - set of 6

Special Offer from 20 November – end December 2019: buy one set half price when buying  a second set. 

This super fun cork Coaster set features the new Jonna Saarinen Aurala prints in six different new colourways. The prints have been inspired by the spring coming with all its colours to the Finnish archipelago - a perfect place for a sunny adventure. The designs were created by screen printing from Jonna's original ink paintings.

Jonna Saarinen is a London-based Finnish textile designer and Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and Royal College of Art Graduate. Her work combines influences from Nordic nature and memories of times gone by, and developed by hand drawing, mark making and screen printing.

Luna Mini Angel Tealight by Luna Lighting

Luna Mini Angel Tealight by Luna Lighting. Porcelain

Thrown on the potter’s wheel in ivory white porcelain and pierced with different designs, Anna’s mini tealight holders are fired to 1260 degrees so that the porcelain vitrifies and becomes translucent. Great in groups, a flickering tealight inside the pretty patterns shines through and creates a magical atmosphere.

Designer-maker Anna Perring has been developing her range of playful ivory-white porcelain tealights since 2006. Her aim was to create designs that capture the purity of porcelain yet are uplifting and make people smile.

 Kreis Mug by DesignK

Kreis Mug by DesignK

The Kreis Mug is part of the Geometry Collection. Embracing the spirit of Bauhaus the Geometry Collection is characterised by a combination of precise geometrical components. These geometrical shapes were transformed into tableware and the depiction of forms inspired by Oskar Schlemmmer’s “Triadisches Ballett”. The fine earthenware clay is decorated and glazed by hand and each piece comes with a unique shape and finish.

The London-based designer Byung is the founder of DesignK. Minimalist, geometrical forms and shapes characterise his objects. He explores to bring the tradition into modern styles with handcrafted small batch of products, of which every piece is a limited edition.

Large River Thames Mug by Snowden Flood

Large River Thames Mug by Snowden Flood

The Large River Thames Mug came about because Snowden’s customers loved to buy her Thames Tea Set but didn’t have time to have tea in the teapot from a cup and saucer. So therefore they requested a Thames Mug. Snowden tried to fit the whole of the course of the Thames on the mug. So now you can pretend you are on a little boat trip while you sip your tea or coffee.

Snowden Flood is an interior accessories designer who is inspired by many different things but she is particularly keen on souvenirs and keepsakes. She frequently undertakes commissions for clients such as Tate Modern, British Museum and the London Transport Museum. Her work is made in the UK.

Dimpled Bowl by Linda Bloomfield


Dimpled Bowl by Linda Bloomfield

The Dimpled Bowl is a hand thrown porcelain bowl with dimples and has a tactile satin matt glaze on the outside and colour on the inside. It comes in two different sizes and three different colours, turquoise, grey or citrine. It can be used for instance for pouring milk, cream or sauces.

Linda Bloomfield designs and makes tableware based on her thrown porcelain, with dimples and visible throwing lines showing the hand of the maker. She uses a tactile satin matt glaze on the outside ad colour on the inside. She makes her own range of glazes and is particularly interested in the translucent colours obtained using oxides rather than commercial stains.

Toast Plate by Heather Scott Design

Toast Plate by Heather Scott in Beech, sycamore or walnut

This humble toast plate by Heather Scott is nothing less, and so much more. True to its function, minimal in form, this hand-turned, solid timber plate is just the right size for your butter-smothered toast. Whether you opt for beech, sycamore or walnut, the grain details promise to bring natural beauty to every spread, slide and bite.

Heather Scott is based in Cornwall and creates contemporary products, made to be used. Her inspiration is drawn from real people and real life, and the playful discovery of new materials and designs. Her work echoes the simple beauty of Japanese and Scandinavian design.

Therma Cup by Therma Cup Co

Ceramic Thermacup by Therma Cup Co

Therma Cup by Therma Cup Co is an insulated cup for the discerning coffee or tea drinker who prefers to drink from a ceramic cup. From a quick glance the cup looks like a take away coffee cup, but upon closer inspection you will discover it is made from bone china which is also made in Stoke on Trent. The Therma Cup can keep a drink for up to an hour, and at the same time it remains cool to the touch and comfortable to hold.

Therma Cup Co was set up in 2018 by Jody Leach the designer of the Therma Cup. The story of the Therma Cup comes from Jody’s need of an insulated cup and the designer of a great tasting coffee. The Therma Cup was launched initially in white via a Kickstarted campaign and different colours were introduced later.



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