Terrarium Brings the Beauty of Nature to the Home

Terrarium Brings the Beauty of Nature to the Home

by Josie Mills

Terrarium in Her Studio

Textile designer Sophie Thompson, creates stunning homewares inspired by botanical beauty and intriguing narratives. Sophie’s desire to ‘bring the beauty and abundance of nature into the home’ moved her to establish Terrarium in 2015. As of May 2016 Sophie joined the Hidden Art E-Shop and we are so pleased to display her beautiful range of homewares.

Sophie achieved a first class honours degree in Textile Design from Nottingham Trent University in 2014, and since then has worked for a range of independent designers/makers before she set up Terrarium. Inspiration for her design collection is drawn from ‘a deep fascination with man's interaction with nature’. The contrast between these two worlds is captured in delicate illustrations and contemporary digital processes to create dramatic, detailed homeware designs.

Hothouse Glass Coaster Set by Terrarium

One of Terrarium’s most iconic designs is Hothouse, (pictured above). Hothouse is inspired by the orchid exhibition at Kew Gardens in which the tropical glasshouses are filled with a vast variety of beautiful flowers. The wealth of beautiful blooms alongside the lush tropical foliage inspired Sophie to imitate them onto her homewares. ‘I have always been captivated by the beauty of tropical glasshouses; the sheer abundance and scale of the flowers and foliage that are confined within the elegant structure,’ say’s Sophie Thompson, ‘I am intrigued by the history of exploration to exotic places around the world by botanists gathering and cultivating these magnificent plants’.

Hothouse has been reincarnated from Sophie’s initial illustrations of an intensely detailed drawing whilst viewing the plants at Kew Gardens. The photographic flowers now designed on the glass coaster set brings the piece into the modern day from her initial sketches.

Floral Cyanotype Glass Coaster Set by Terrarium

Sophie uses a range of interesting techniques to create her iconic botanical designs. Combining traditional print making techniques with digitally processed hand-drawn imagery, Sophie’s innovative designs retain their delicate hand finished qualities. As she rightly states she aims ‘to challenge conventional perceptions of interior furnishings’. This unique technique, called Cyanotype, allows her to build layers of detail to create imagery with a bold and dramatic style.

Cyanotype print making has become a unique feature to the Terrarium brand. It allows Sophie to capture beautiful botanical scenes using ink to depict nature. Which has been inspired by Sophie’s love of the way ink disperses when dropped into water.

Butterflies Glass Coaster Set by Terrarium

The Terrarium product range brings the beauty and abundance of nature into the home in the form of intriguing and stylish home accessories. The two key colour palettes of deep saturated hues and soft neutral tones with hints of bright colours provide either a touch of drama or a calming feel to the home.

Coming from a family background in antique dealing, Sophie’s style is influenced by the elegance of the past as well as her love for contemporary design. These contrasting elements combine to form Terrarium and its range of bold and unique homewares and gifts.

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