Gie El Home - 'We Design, We Create, We Live'

Gie El Home - 'We Design, We Create, We Live'

by Josie Mills

Gie El Home, Maria and Jacek Rypula

Gie El Home is a contemporary brand specialising in furniture, lighting and accessories for the decoration of interiors. Gie El Home was established by Polish architects, Maria and Jacek Rypula, who grew up with a fascination with the natural world and true craftsmanship.

Maria and Jacek have brought the inspiration of the natural world and poured it into their work by manufacturing in a quaint village in Poland, by hand, amongst fields and forests. This association with nature allows the pair to design and make precious interior accessories that celebrate raw, traditional craftsmanship.

 Glass Lamp Set by Gie El Home

The majority of Gie El Home’s products are hand-made, for example the Glass Lamp pictured above. What makes this product so extraordinary is that each finished lamp has its own colour, shape and drawing on the glass due the nature crafting individual products. It is this special feature of Gie El Home that you can be sure you are getting a unique product each and every time. They believe that ‘quality not quantity makes a good product’.

Flowerpot Vases by Gie El Home

At the heart of Gie El Home is a fascination of all natural materials such as; wood, stone, willow, glass as well as industrial rusted steel or concrete. This interest is manifested through Maria and Jacek’s products as they strive to combine modern trends in home furnishing and the craft rooted in tradition. To achieve this, most of their products are not designed in offices but they work with small manufacturers while talking to and observing real craftsmen.

Table Clock by Gie El Home

Maria and Jacek take inspiration from all around them; from their travels to meeting new people. Time, in particular, is an important part of their life. They ‘try to escape from time that is ticking only for money’ they live by the motto ‘we design, we create, we live.’ By adhering to a strong philosophy Gie El Home’s products are timeless, luxury items using sustainable design that leads to the perfect final product.

Wall Clock by Gie El Home

One of the strongest motivations for the progression of the brand comes from the pride in their work. Knowing that their products are distributed around the world provides all the motivation they need to produce new designs and create innovative home accessories.

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