Dominic Crinson’s Lightcase Pro secures online funding

Dominic Crinson’s Lightcase Pro secures online funding

by Kostas Koutoupis

Following a succesful Kickstarter campaign for Lightcase, a pop-up photo studio that makes professional product photography a breeze, Dominic Crinson secured funding for Lightcase Pro, a new and improved version of his original product. With six days still to go, the Kickstarter campaign, ending 14th July 2015, has managed to gain support from backers all over the world and exceed its initial goal of $20.000.

Lightcase Pro by Dominic Crinson


The original Lightcase is a portable photo-studio aimed at those who want to take professional pictures of their products on a budget. It’s very easy to set up as all you need to do is fold it into shape. It also comes with three different backdrops to better suit your products, eliminating the need for expensive photo gear. All you need is a smartphone or camera and you can start shooting professional pictures from the front and a variety or working angles including shooting from above. Lightcase’s design allows for light to concentrate within its walls while its frosted polypropylene surfaces diffuse light and eliminate glare, making for clear and crisp pictures.

Lightcase gained a strong following among professionals looking for an easy-to-use, affordable photography tool. "This is one of my most treasured photography tools - I think you would love it" and "This thing is INCREDIBLE! Such a simple, miraculous solution" are indicative of the warm welcome Lightcase's original version received when it was introduced to the market.

Lightcase demonstration


Building on last year’s fantastic response to the original, Dominic Crinson decided to seek public funding for a new and improved version, the Lightcase Pro.  Incorporating valuable user feedback the Lightcase Pro was designed to be:
  • Bigger by 175%
  • Expandable by joining multiple units together
  • Simpler to set up
  • Stronger with a more durable structure
  • Adaptable as it offers more possibilities by opening the back, sides or top

Lightcase Pro demonstration


An indispensable tool for any creative that wants top-quality pictures of their products, Lightcase Pro also offers a practical and affordable solution to the photography buff.

Lightcase: professional photography tool

Social media enthusiasts will love using it for Instagram and bloggers will have the chance to bring their posts to life with pictures one would expect from a professional photographer.

Lightcase: perfect for social media pictures

Although the initial budget goal has already been reached you can still support the manufacturing and marketing of Lightcase Pro until 14th July 2015. Free worldwide delivery, money-back guarantee and the chance to have your input on the product are some of the perks for anyone who backs the campaign.

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