Keep Kakkoii, Keep Cool

Keep Kakkoii, Keep Cool

By Dieneke Ferguson

KAKKOii is a unique brand which focuses on individual and high quality contemporary design pieces for modern day living. It is the brainchild of Antonio Arevalo, a London based designer with an eye for distinctive and iconic design. The name KAKKOii comes from the Japanese word for cool and the products introduced to the range aim to be just that. The first product to be unveiled was the WOW speaker - a solo wireless speaker that uses Bluetooth connectivity. Easy to use, portable, durable and compact the original design combines both form and function. The WOW speaker allows you to take music with you without wires and has the potential to transform the way you listen to music on the go - from the office to the park and back in to the kitchen.


Antonio Arevalo, Founder and Creative Director at KAKKOii said, “By taking a human-centred approach to design we aim to create pieces that are desirable, useful and timeless. Having worked in design for many years I have developed a particular style that transcends through to the WOW speaker and will unify all future KAKKOii products.” The ethos underpinning the brand is to create both classic and affordable pieces using the concept of considered design.

Go bright and bold with Qb Pantone by KAKKOii

Qb Pantone by KAKKOii is a tiny, colourful and extremely portable wireless speaker. In collaboration with Pantone Universe, KAKKOii has created this tiny cube so that you can take music wherever you go. Which colour is for you?

QB Pantone by Kakkoiii at Home 2015[/caption] The Qb speaker is the result of a collaborative project between KAKKOii and PANTONE, and is designed to be a treat for eyes and ears by producing surprising sound quality encased in a aesthetically pleasing design. The model, a small silicone covered cube, is based upon the swatch chip, meaning the design portrays PANTONE's minimalistic nature, whilst incorporating KAKKOii values and acoustic knowledge. The idea behind the design was to create a speaker based on a palette of colours that work together in harmony, but that look equally as effective when flying solo. The speaker itself is one of the very first micro speakers to hit the market and will be available to purchase from mid-November. It is available in an array of eye popping colours, the tiny wireless speaker is one of the very first micro speakers to hit the market and streams music from all Bluetooth devices, with surprising acoustic quality. 


You can Purchase the WOW and the QB Speaker here

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