Full of glittering designs, our ring collection has something to offer for any occasion. Ready to pop the question? Dress the moment in gold with a 9ct, 18ct or 24ct ring. Getting engaged? Surprise your special other with a design that stands out for its handmade quality. Celebrating an anniversary? Remind them that your love goes strong with a beautiful ring in gold or silver. Even if you are looking for the next item in your jewellery collection we have you covered. Find the texture, shape and colour that matches your mood. Or just complement your new outfit with a brand-new, shining gemstone. Our ring collection also features unisex options.
6 results
Ruby Raw Stone Stacking Ring by FrillyByLily
Feather Ring by FrilyByLily
Feather Ring
Turquoise Raw Stone Stacking Ring by FrillyByLily
Nina van Houten, Long Sea Shell Golden Ring
Emerald Raw Stone Stacking Ring by FrillyByLily
Ember Metallic Silver Ring by Tiana Jewel london
Ember Metallic Ring

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