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Offering gifts is so rewarding! Deciding on what to buy though can give you a headache. We gave ourselves a headache so that you don’t have to. This section is comprised of all the different products that would make great gifts within a budget of £50 or less.

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Architecture pageCUES by Gilbert13
Tee and Toast, Mr Tea Set (Mug & Tea Towel)
Box Set of 20 Mini Prints


Box Set of 20 Mini Prints
£14.40 £18.00
Lap Mug by Thelermont Hupton, earthenware, light blue
Lap Mug
Scribble Coat Rack - black by Headsprung
Ralli Design Trioglo set in situ
Luna Mini Double Heart Tealight by Luna Lighting
Takae Mizutani - Memories of Falmouth, Salt and Pepper Shaker, earthenware, - Yellow
Urban Gnome Original by Vitamin - Bone China, Blossom
Incastro Lampshade - Printed Birch Ply by Damdesign
Blaue Blume Teacup by Undergrowth Design


Blaue Blume Espresso cup - Cream Shoes
£20.00 £39.50 Sold Out
No 3 Screwdriver Set by Elementary Design
Dimpled Cup by Linda Bloomfield
Dimpled Cup
Therma Cup by Therma Cup Co, ceramics and insulated. White
Therma Cup - White

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Orishe Vase by Headsprung
Orishe Vase
Takae Mizutani, Sweet Home Snail Plant Pot.
Undergrowth Design - Atmospheric Tumblers - Mysterious Menagerie


Blaue Blume sugar bath in pale pink with cream shoes by Undergrowth Design


Blaue Blume Sugar Bath - Cream Shoes
£20.00 £39.40 Sold Out
Lightcase by Dominic Crinson
Glass Lamp Small honey by Gie El Home
Mobe - Accessories Hanger by Dan Hoolahan
Takae Mizutani - Hidden Message Fine Bone China Cup - Blue
Queen of Hearts - CROWN by Rentaro Nishimura
Mr Tea mug
Mr Tea Mug

523 results

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