Gemstones are a fascinating subject with a story to tell. Throughout history they have acquired a multitude of meanings. They can be a symbol of luck, a sign of friendship or a hint to personal traits. They can reflect creativity, devotion, love or a positive attitude. Some even say that they have special powers. Their dazzling colours and unique shapes make them a solid basis for stunning jewellery pieces. Browse through our gemstone collection and pick the one that best suits your mood and personality. Ruby for love, topaz for a positive attitude, emerald for friendship or red jasper for strength and stamina. Find your own unique combination in our gemstones collection.

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Activation Grid Gold Pendant in Clear Quarz by Cosmic Light Union
activation Grid (silver) Pendant in clear Quartz by Cosmic-Union. Light Grey.
Activation Grid Earrings by Cosmic Union. Gemstones
Amethyst Violeta Hoop Earrings by Tiana Jewel London
Amethyst Violeta Hoop Earrings

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Archangel Jophiel and Purple Dragon Bracelet by Cosmic-Union
Bobble and Twinkle Bracelet by FrillyByLily
Bobble and Twinkle Earrings by FrillyByLily
Bobble and Twinkle Necklace by FrillyByLily
Clearing Grid Pendant with Amethyst by Cosmic Union. Charcoal
Cosmic Unicorns & Archangel Raquel - Family Healing
Deer Totem Earrings by Cosmic Union
Dolphin Healer, Mermaids and Water Element Bracelet by Cosmic-Union
Elevation with Citrine Sacred Geometry Necklace by Cosmic-Union. Crystals.
Emerald Raw Stone Stacking Ring by FrillyByLily
Emotional Healing Grid Necklace by Cosmic-Union
Eyes of the Dragon Kingdom Bracelet by Cosmic-Union. Gemstones
Galactic Guardians Protection bracelet by Cosmic-Union.  Malachite, Amethyst, Black obsidian, Labradorite, Onyx.
Ganesh & Lakshmi Wealth and Abundance Attractor Bracelet by Cosmic-Union
Manifestation with the Fairies for Love and Beauty Earrings by Cosmic-Union. Gemstones.
Marly Pyrite Bracelet by Tiana Jewel London
Marly Pyrite Bracelet

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Mermaid Totem Earrings for Clarity by Cosmic-Union. Crystals, Plywood
Natural Flow Sacred Geometry with Picture Jasper necklace by Cosmic-Union
Pink Dragon and Mother Gaia heart Opening to trust, love and security bracelet by Cosmic-Union. Gemstones
Pink Dragon Guardian for Clarity in Manifesting Love Bracelet

34 results

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