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We spend a third of our lives in bed and we lose track of time when enjoying a steaming bath. This is why we took our time when selecting the products for this collection. From retro-design pillowcases and cushions in the shape of beloved four-legged friends to brightly coloured wash bags what you’ll find here is our suggestions of how to make your bed and bathroom special.

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Glass Lamp Small turquoise by Gie El Home
Cosmic Jar by Headsprung
Cosmic Jar
Sixlite lampshade - printed Birch ply by Damdesign
Sixlite Lampshade in white by Damdesign
Sixlite Lampshade - White
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Conchiglia Lightshade in white by Damdesign
Felucca lampshade by Kukka
Felucca Lampshade
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Incastro Lampshade - Printed Birch Ply by Damdesign
Knot Lamp Small Green by Vitamin
Incastro Lampshade in white by Damdesign
Incastro Lampshade - White
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Ash Wall Hooks - Set of 3 by Utology
Bertie Butterfly Cushion Kit by Ashley Thomas
Cushion Kits
Petal Table by Curvalinea in Teal
Petal Table

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Sunny day oblong cushion by Lindsey Lang Design
Glass Lamp Big olive green by Gie El Home
Glass Lamp - Big

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Cassis cushion by Michelle Mason
London Cushion by Michelle Mason
Cushion - London
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Dog Face Cushion - Hunter by Gogog's Chop Shop
Home Sweet Home Nest Cushion by Ashley Thomas
Home Sweet Home Nest Cushion
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Pixelated Triangles Silk Printed Cushion by Nitin Goyal
Round Cushion side by Gogos Chop Shop
Sparkled Top Comma Table Black by Curvalinea
Sparkled Top Comma Table

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Sunny day square cushion by Lindsey Lang Design
Undies Bag Polka
Welsummer Oblong Cushion

122 results

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