The Building Blocks to using Colour

The Building Blocks to using Colour

This month we have been thinking about the power of simplicity, how contentment in design can be found in a limited colour palette and basic shapes. Artists such as Mondrian and Kandinsky created excellent work with primary colours, black and white and basic line, this has been the basis for our most recent selection of products. We invite you to experiment with block colours, to see how refreshing it is to strip back the often fussiness of life with the objects you surround yourself with.


Lily Light Shade by Desinature

This innovative light shade comes in a whole range of block colours, so you could match the colour to the essence of each room whilst keeping the shape uniform. The reversible design means you can choose to have a pop of vivid colour on the inside or make a statement with the colour on the outside -simple design at its best!

Desinature is an independent design label founded by a of like-minded creatives. They are dedicated to producing stylish and contemporary eco-conscious lighting and other home accessories.

Cosmos Necklace by Lua Lua

This bespoke necklace can be viewed as a sculpture when not being worn and is a perfect example of the beauty of no fuss design. Made from Perspex and silver it has a similar feel to that of a Bauhaus mobile but can be worn easily!

Lua Lua uses vivid colours and shapes to embrace a beautiful minimal aesthetic within contemporary jewellery design. There are many products from this designer that would fit perfectly with the block colour trend.

Primary Coasters by Thelerrmont Hupton

These handmade ceramic shapes where chosen for their playfulness and would be a great way to add shape and colour into your dining room or kitchen.

Thelermont Hupton is a duo of designers that search for a story or specific reason to design and produce an object. This can be seen in the detail, functionality and high production value of each and everyone of their products.

Serving and Sushi Boards by Heather Scott

These boards could be confused with a piece of modern art, lovingly made with a simple beauty in the design that gives it a versatility, allowing it to be used in a variety of ways. Solid Oak, scorched detailing. Finished with food-safe oil.

Heather Scott creates contemporary products made to be used, she describes her work as echoing the simple beauty of Scandinavian design, which goes perfectly with this month’s colour blocking theme.


Ocean Earrings by Pixalum

The rich blue of these earrings gives them a heavenly depth, an exotic pool of beautiful colour you will want to dive into! Aluminium earrings with high gloss surface finish and slight curved form.

Pixalum are inspired by their travels abroad and a love of sun drenched colour, they design and create bright, exciting jewellery collections and products for the home. We recommend their colourful geometric pieces for a beautiful dose of design to any outfit.



Navy White Dipped Stoneware Vase by Lesley McShea

Gorgeously Simple, this vase has been glazed on the interior with shiny functional Tin white glaze, and double "dipped" on the outside with Navy Midnight blue shiny glaze, overlapping the tin white to create different layers of tones. Style with red or yellow flowers for a more rustic primary aesthetic.

Lesley McShea is a Lancashire born “Punk” Potter that creates pieces that although appear similar are each unique and a one off. Many of her pieces have one bold statement colour which look great contrasted together as a collection.

Hand Crafted Leather Kindle Case by Freeload Accessories

style your Kindle with pure block colour in these hand-crafted cases. Choose between the classic three primary colours red yellow and blue or opt for a more natural tone of tan, brown or black. As well as being on trend these are also very practical with a layer of soft felt inside for extra protection. 

Freeload Accessories create leather bags and accessories for men and woman in their Devon based studio. The quality of the product is paramount -  in this world of 'throw away' items they aim for their designs to be classic, wearable & to become like a trusty old friend.



Roy Drawing Board Bag by Artraveller

This article wouldn’t be complete without us encouraging you on your own artistic endeavors! The Artraveller ROY is a messenger bag that creatively transforms into a drawing board and equipment holder. This bag is ideal for the travelling artist in you. The bag has been made from very sturdy shower resistant materials and enough pockets to hold all your art equipment. We hope your feeling inspired!

Artraveller is an art and design accessories brand founded in London, England in 2015. We create products for creative people from all walks of life. Our goal is to inspire creativity through clever functional products.

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