Invite Nature into Your Home

Invite Nature into Your Home

06 December 2018
By Annie Wu

This week we explore the beauty and treasures of nature. Imagine strolling through parks, public gardens, rolling hills of green and sea of flowers. The sight takes the breath away, relaxes our nerves, takes the stress away and creates incredible energy and happiness for quite some time. The benefits of being outdoors amongst nature are endless but a rare opportunity with our busy schedules.

This Christmas decorate with nostalgic and precious details from nature from a range of nature inspired products by our designers. Now, even when it’s not possible to head outdoors, you can benefit from the treasures of nature in your home. It’s never been easier to bring the scents of hardwood and colours of flowers indoors, for we got you covered in transforming the walls and spaces. Just in time for the upcoming parties and gatherings. From trugs that sway in the breeze to scarves that reflect woodlands that are only heard of in whimsical tales. Give your guests, family and friends a warm cosy welcome from our Treasures of Nature collection.

Ash Egg Trio by Jane Crisp

Nature enthusiasts can find exquisite useful and decorative products that reflect their heart, passions and interests. The Ash Egg Trio, on its own is a delicate decorative piece, it is also sturdy yet flexible enough for you to put yarn balls and needles for those planning to knit some scarves for loved ones this winter.

Placed on the table, it will sway gently like a boat. This classic, simple, and understated vessel has naturally sweeping repetitive lines reminiscent of the structures of boats. Made of ash wood and finished with a natural, food safe hard wax oil.

Don’t miss out on other trugs made of copper and brass and different kinds of wood in Jane Crisp’s collection.

Ash Egg Trio by Jane Crisp

NEW DETRAY – Flexible Sofa Tray by DEBOSC

Those who wish to walk deeper into the woods and get closer to nature, consider this, the new DETRAY, recently arrived to our shop. It’s the perfect gift for design lovers and those looking for an innovative piece. Right when you walk into living room – in front of the warm fireplace, you’ll see it there, gently wrapped around the arm of your favourite sofa, reminding you it’s time to relax with a nice cup of coffee or tea.

Available in other materials as well, (Cherry, Maple, Oak and Wenge) See more in DEBOSC collection.

NEW DETRAY - Flexible tray by DEBOSC

Hover Vase by Thelermont Hupton

For those looking for something special for the empty walls. Surprise your guests with an unexpected smell of jasmine or the scents of your personal favourite flowers. These are perfect for creating vertical arrangements. Place some high and some low and you have an art piece as well.

Japanese inspired single stem wall vase that appear to float away from the wall. Discover contemporary, simple yet functional pieces by Thelermont Hupton in their collection.

Hover Vase by Thelermont Hupton

IPANEMA Scatter Cushion by So Klara

Bold colours are very popular today. Our talented designer, SO KLARA captured the colours of the sun -drenched beaches of Brazil, South America and other colours of the globe. Now you can add splashes of the sun, ocean, mountains and life into your home.

You can still get a custom look with these cushions by rearranging them rather than their standard positions of sitting on the sofa. Stack them or even lay them all out. This luxurious scatter cushion, one amongst the many in the collection, are also incredibly comfy with duck feather down.

Don’t miss the sound of crashing waves and chance to relax!

IPANEMA Scatter Cushion by So Klara

Walnut Wood and Beech Wood Blockclock by Eastdesign

For the minimalists yet nature lovers, this blockclock on its own is also a decorative piece and life saver. Never miss a bus, a meeting or a class with this simple yet on-point design. Perfect gift for the busy bee you know who needs a gentle reminder that it’s time to take a break – maybe this time to forests far away.

See more of East design's products in his collection.

Walnut Wood and Beech Wood Blockclock by Eastdesign

Woodland Undergrowth Silk Scarf by Terrarium

Do you see a bird? An insect? There’s many hidden treasures amongst the woodlands in this nature inspired scarf by Terrarium. Made of silk with botanical patterns of animals and plants of the forest floor, this scarf is a mysterious piece of art and protector from the wind and cold.

See more scarves and cushions designed by Terrarium in her collection, each with its own range of colour scheme, incredible detail and hidden gems.

Woodland Undergrowth Silk Scarf by Terrarium|

45 Coat Rail – Walnut by John Green Designs

It’s been raining outside, the wind won’t stop blowing. The guests have just arrived with layers and layers so consider this, a solution to tidy up the stack of coats on the armchair. 

Embrace the beauty of wood, flexibility and adaptability. A solid oak rail supplied with 5 cantilevered steel hooks. Each hook can be moved independently to suit your needs for the wood has got a slit carved in at 45 degrees for easy maneuvering of the hooks. A true treasure!

Discover more innovative and award-winning pieces in John Green Design's collection.

45 Coat Rail – Walnut by John Green Designs

Mr. & Mrs Birdee Bird Boxes by Desinature

Watching birds fly and listening to them chirp and sing is a wonderful and soft reminder of the beauty of living. Save this for spring  and wait for the birds to come home. For now it can be placed on a table or fireplace. Mr & Mrs Birdee Bird Boxes, the perfect shelter for a family of birds. Mrs Birdee is specifically designed to welcome robins and wrens. Assembly is quick and simple and no tools needed, just twist, slide and attach to a tree using provided ties.

You can also purchase these Birdee Bird Boxes separately in Desinature's collection.

Mr and Mrs Birdee Bird Boxes by Desinature

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