Global Diversity

Global Diversity

By Dieneke Ferguson, 8 May 2019

Products inspired by Diverse Cultures

Here you will find products from 8 designers who are either based outside of the UK or come from abroad and have made the UK their home or who have sought inspiration in other countries or cultures. They are part of the Global Diversity Collection

Ipanema Scatter Cushion by So Klara

So Klara designs hand crafted silk scarves, luxurious home décor accessories and vibrant art fabrics. She combines modern and traditional printing techniques.

Ipanema Scatter Cushion by So Klara

Of the Ipanema Scatter Cushion she says:

“The design is inspired by Brazil's iconic Ipanema beach and its surrounding Twin Brothers mountains. As I love travelling I wanted to create a home decor piece that evoke memories of the sun-drenched beaches of South America. So that even on cold rainy days you have a bit of summer and fun at your home radiating from this premium linen cushion.”

Ipanema Scatter Cushion by So Klara

Aurala Chopping Board and Coasters by Jonna Saarinen

Jonna Saarinen is a Finnish textile designer whose work combines influences from Nordic nature and memories of times gone by, and developed by hand drawing.

  The Aurala collection was launched in 2019. Jonna says:

 “The Aurala Collection was born from my mark makings and paintings that celebrate the spring arriving on the Finnish Archipelago after the long winter. Growing up on the islands outside of Turku in southwest Finland has a constant influence on my work, and seeing the nature waking up form under the snow & ice has got such playfulness to it, which I wanted to bring out in these designs. All the colours return, the ice slowly melts in the sunshine creating lovely sounds and migratory birds return to the north from their travels. The Aurala name comes from the river Aura, that flows though my hometown to the sea and also defrosts every spring.

Aurala Chopping Board and Coasters by Jonna Saarinen

My favourite place to create new designs is on the granite rocks looking out to the Baltic Sea back at home. There both the forest and the water surround me, and I can hear all the animals around getting on with their daily business – it is such a contrast to my daily life in the hustle and bustle of London. There is a saying, that Finns are only truly home in the forest, and I think it might be true!”

Design Process Jonna Saarinen

Design process Jonna Saarinen


Rio Earrings Black by Lua Lua

Lua Lua designs luxury handmade earrings, necklaces, bracelets and accessories. She uses vivid colours and sensuous shapes that embrace a beautiful minimal aesthetic.

Her haute couture range 'Rio' is made of perspex and silver that embodies a modernist simplicity with an element of joy and playfulness. This Latin collection is inspired by avant-garde artist Hélio Oiticica and his flamboyant South American colour palette and innovative approach to form.

Rio Earrings black by Lua Lua

Justyna from Lua Lua says:

When I was designing this Collection I was drawn to the colours and forms and their interaction in space and the effect that it has on us. It also reminded me of a film I saw as a child called 'Black Orpheus' and especially the rythms of samba. This Collection is an essence of forms, colours and music that flows like a river hence the name of the collection.”

Inspiration for Rio Earrings Black by Lua Lua - Helio Oiticica from Brazil

Helio Oticica

Detray by Debosc  

Debosc was founded by the Bosch I Roura family who are based in Catalunia Spain. They specialise in the design and production of wooden objects. They look for solutions to small everyday challenges. They started in 2014 and the Detray was their first challenge after an unfortunate massive coffee spill that caused irreversible damage to Debosc sofa.

Detray by Debosc - flexible sofa tray

Detray takes the shape of the arm of your sofa and turns it into a stable space where you can leave your glass or cup without fear of spilling your drinks. Lluis from Detray says:

For those who wish to get closer to nature Detray is right there when you walk into the living room you’ll see it there, gently wrapped around the arm of your favourite sofa, reminding you it’s time to relax with a nice cup of coffee or tea. “

Serving and Sushi Boards by Heather Scott Design 

Heather Scott designs contemporary products, made to be used. Her work is produced in Cornwall and echoes the simple beauty of Japanese and Scandinavian design.

Serving and Sushi Boards by Heather Scott

Of her serving and Sushi Boards she says:

“My serving and sushi boards are made to be used, for food to be shared and enjoyed in a different way. Inspired by Japanese design, I wanted to create something beautiful and functional with bold elegant lines. 

Individually crafted from Solid oak with a striking black scorched trim and an underside chamfer to make it easier to pick-up. Whether you’re prepping for a dinner party or a party of one, you can cook up a storm in style with this durable, contemporary serving board.

These boards are being appreciated all over the world, from homes in Australia to sushi restaurants in London and Brussels”

Serving and Sushi Boards by Heather Scott

Orishe Vase by Headsprung!

London-based Headsprung! founded by Design Engineer Hemal Patel specialises in the design and manufacture of contemporary home accessories, furniture and lighting. He takes mundane everyday objects and injects them with fun, flair and functionality.

Orishe Vase by Headsprung

The design of the Orishe Vase takes inspiration from Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. He says:

“I have always been fascinated by the craft.  I remember buying 'how-to’ Origami books as a child and getting frustrated not having the skill or patience to create the objects in the tutorials.  But, this never dampened my love of the craft, and to this day it still amazes me how beautifully intricate forms can be created using nothing but a sheet of paper.”

 Orishe Vase by Headsprung

Squamis out of Water by HR Design Studio

HR Design Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio that is based in Lisbon, Portugal who design furniture and accessories. It is the brainchild of Hugo Ribeiro. Everyday objects combine eco-materials with recycling and nature and Hugo loves to experiment with materials, colours and forms.

The Squamis Out of Water Collection is inspired by the various existing forms, ceramics and painting come together to give a new look to Portuguese Art.

Squamis by HR Design Company

The idea to make the Squamis came from recycling of tiles that did not pass the quality tests and give those tiles new life. Their ceramic painter Josefina Ribeiro addressed this challenge by focusing on marine life and specifically fish. This led to sculpting the forms of different species and paint them by hand.

Squamis Out of Water by HR Design Studio

Serpent Necklace by Rentaro Nishimura

Rentaro Nishimura is a London-based multi-disciplinary designer. After his initial training as an interior designer in Tokyo, Rentaro moved to London to study Architecture at The AA. His passion for design, construction and form led him to then complete an MA in product design.

Rentaro's work draws on the principles of origami, repeat modular forms, self-assembly and flat-pack designs. From lights to rings, chairs to wedding dresses, window installations to packaging, Rentaro's aestethic is minimal architectural and engineered. Using the latest digital technology of 3D printers and laser-cutting Rentaro's work bridges the gap between Craft and technology. Rentaro calls it Primitive Technology.

Serpent Necklace by Rentaro Nishimura

The Serpent necklace is a reversible necklace created using 3D printer. Rentaro explains that like making clay pots, he added layer by layer. The design needed to be adjusted to what the 3d printer can do. He achieved a flexible structure in various colour options.

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