Fish Out of Water from HR Design Studio

Fish Out of Water from HR Design Studio

By Annie Wu and Dieneke Ferguson

Hidden Art Shop is proud to include a Portuguese design studio amongst its designers.

HR Design Studio  is the brainchild of Hugo Ribeiro who describes himself as a designer and maker from Lisbon. Hugo graduated in Design Environments in ESAD-School of Arts and Design at Caldas da Rainha and set up his company in 2014, a company that delves into furniture and industrial design. He designs and makes everyday objects that combine eco-materials with recycling and nature and loves to experiment with materials, colours and forms. He is inspired by nature and his photographic memories of his trips. 

For different products, he uses different techniques and introduces innovative solutions and perspectives to products used in our everyday lives from crocheting with plastic, sculpting the tiles to shape a fish, folding of the metal through old machines, and making moulds for the vessels.

The materials that he and his team explores and work with include wood, plastic, cork, cardboard, paper and wax.

Keli vase

One of his latest designs is the Keli vase, an eco-vase made from wax with fragrances. The wax allows freedom to create incredible new shape. The plants can be watered safely as wax is waterproof and comes in a huge variety of colours. 

Ammonita Light

Amonita is a lamp inspired by ancient marine fossil of the dinosaur period. It has a metal spiral with LED lighting which reflects the light beautifully.

Squamis - Out of Water Fish. 

One of our favourite products is the Squamis or Out of Water Collection. This is a collection of fish inspired by the various existing forms where the ceramic and paintings come together to give a new look at this Portuguese art.

Squamis - Out of Water Fish. Photo: Annie Wu

The idea to make the Squamis came from recycling of tiles that did not pass the quality tests and give those tiles new life. Their ceramic painter Josefina Ribeiro addressed this challenge by focusing on marine life and specifically fish. This led to sculpting the forms of different species and paint them by hand.

They can be placed on the wall or displayed as art on a metal support.

Squamis - Out of Water Fish. Photo: Annie Wu

To see the full collection click here  

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