Undergrowth Design - Perfect for Special Occasions

Undergrowth Design - Perfect for Special Occasions

Tina Tsang from Undergrowth Design creates products that have character, charm, wit and seductive qualities which make them irresistible and adorable. This is particularly so with The Blaue Blume  range which is truly romantic with its delicate porcelain with a white lace pattern and with gold, red or black shoes

The Blaue Blume range has been bought by collectors all over the world. Her collection has been featured in the American Vogue (October 2010) alongside Stella McCartney’s fashion collection.  Notable owners of Undergrowth products include Tracy Emin, Andy bell of Erasure & Russel Brand.

The Blaue Blume range features a pair of legs that stick out of the ceramic objects forming handles and spoons. Since the launch of the first teacup the range has expanded extensively due to demands and requests from catering companies and retailers. So far the range features a petit four stand (3 tiers with legs in whipped cream, mmm and a baby doll head), a milk jug, sugar bath (features a bathtub as the sugar container with legs as the sugar spoon), 3 sizes of cups, plates, a teapot and an ice cream bowl (features an upside down woman with upturned skirt). Some of the products have an inscription on them, inviting you to use the object.

Undergrowth Design Blaue Blume Milk jug ceramocs

The Blaue Blume range has witty and subversive messages with a girly-naughtiness and nostalgia to inspire people to feel more sexy,flirty and fun, and to enhance the seductivity of the food itself as well as opposed to traditional tea parties where you had to mind your manners. It is a classic, quirky interpretation of the English tea-time ritual.

Blaue Blume Sugar bath ceramics by Undergrowth Design

Blaue Blume was first conceived in 2007 when Tina Tsang from Undergrowth Design decided to fuse ceramics with handmade antique lace. She wanted to solidify the texture of lace onto ceramics to make ceramics have a softer, more textural feel. The range has been made by casting antique lace into solid form and is made in London.

Blaue Blume tea cup by Undergrowth Design. Red shoes, ceramics

 Tina Tsang graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2005 in illustration and animation. Her diverse background that includes film, painting, animation, photography, costume design, fashion design and trend forecasting has enabled her to have a broad understanding of aesthetics and trends within the design world. She uses an interdisciplinary approach to designing and feels that her experience in many design disciplines helps enrich the quality and depth of her work. She frequently travels back to SE Asia and Singapore to gain inspiration for her work.

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