Henry the Egg Cup by DesignK - Be a Royal!

By Dieneke Ferguson

Being Dutch, egg cups for me form an integral part of the breakfast table and I actually never realised that for other counties egg cups are rare breeds and that some people actually have never seen anyone use them.

So looking it up at Wikipedia "the egg cup, sometimes called egg server, is defined as a container used for serving boiled eggs within their shell. Egg cups have an upwardly concave portion to hold the egg and often include a base to raise the egg-retaining portion and give stability." Interestingly enough there are many collectors of egg cups, or  pocillovists as they are called. Pocil derived from the Latin pocillum means small cup and ovi is the Latin equivalent for egg. There are also egg cup Conventions for Collectors in England. 

It is said that what is delightful about egg cups, is the fact that they represent childhood, comfort food, even love. No other piece of tableware does that. It's no surprise that the Magnificent Obsessions exhibition at the Barbican (2015) featured some egg cups among the hundreds of items amassed by famous artists for their private collections.

It was only in the Victorian period that egg cups were produced in large quantities to help satisfy the Victorian appetite for large and elaborate breakfasts. Spring is the time of year when people’s thoughts turn to eggs. In fact, the cultural connection between springtime and eggs has a long history, with the latter seen as a symbol of new life in many eras and cultures.

No better time therefore than the period leading up to Easter to introduce design lovers to Egg Cup, and specifically 'Henry' the Egg Cup by DesignK.

DesignK was founded by Byung and launched at 100% Design 2010 with their signature design, the Dandelion Stool, at the Hidden Art stand. You can find more information about the launch here.

DesignK aims to bring the traditional into modern style with hand crafted small batches of products of which every piece is a limited edition.

Henry the Egg Cup was designed and produced in 2013 and was inspired by King Henry VIII of England. Henry the Egg cup adds a humorous twist to history and the breakfast routine. Designed to serve only an egg but not a head, this beautiful egg cup is handcrafted with care to crown your breakfast table with majestic luxury.

The story starts with Byung, from DesignK, playing around with a boiled egg on the breakfast table. Byung put the egg cup on top of the egg only to find out that the ensemble looked like a crown on a head. He instantly thought of king Henry VIII and his beheaded wives.This is how 'Henry' the Egg cup came to life!

The egg cups are white and made in earthenware clay in England. They are sold in pairs of two. 

Dieneke Ferguson

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