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Laura Elliott is a multi-disciplinary designer who is passionate about creating hand-made jewellery and accessories using genuine gemstones and high quality wire. She believes, using genuine gemstones gives her the opportunity to create unique, one off designs, because of the distinctive ‘finger print’ of Mother Nature. For instance amethysts stand for peace, protection and stability. Pearls bring love and promote faith, truth and loyalty.

She told us that in her previous job as a nurse she was seen as something of a Guardian Angel.  As a designer she was inspired to make a Guardian Angel pendant with healing properties as a special Christmas gift for her friend who has breast cancer.

Inspired by this, Hidden Art would like to give 5% of sales of Laura’s Angels and other work she has made to the Penny Brohn Cancer Care. Another 5% of sales will be donated by Nitin Goyal, Sasha Tugolukova and Lindsey Lang.

You too   can be part of this giving spirit by buying your special gift from Hidden Art. In addition to buying a very special gift for your loved ones, 5 % of every purchase you make from us will be donated to Penny Brohn Cancer Care (registered charity no. 284881) until Monday 19th January 2015.  

Here you can see a personal account on the Penny Brohn courses.

Like Laura, become your own Guardian Angel iby buying from Hidden Art: not only will you be giving a unique and special gift to those you love, but also giving to a very worthy cause. Best Sellers



Penny Brohn Cancer Care helps those with cancer and their loved ones live well with the impact of cancer through their unique 'whole-person' approach which encompasses physical, emotional and spiritual support. The Charity was founded more than 28 years ago by Penny Brohn. Penny Brohn lived with breast cancer when she realised that thousands of other people would be feeling the same as her - isolated, fearful and uncertain. Dieneke Ferguson, the Founder and CEO of Hidden Art, who has multiple myeloma, cancer of the bone marrow, attended one of Penny Brohn free courses a couple of years ago and was very impressed by their comprehensive approach.


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