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Established in 2006, Freeload Accessories is the creation of designer / maker Debbie MacPherson, a graduate of Cordwainers College, London. Freeload specialises in designing &making fashion-led leather bags and accessories for men and women. Lovingly hand crafted in their South Devon studio, they use only the highest quality Italian leathers & their trade-mark saddlery fittings. The quality of the product is paramount -  in this world of 'throw away' items they aim for their designs to be classic, wearable & to become like a trusty old friend.

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Contemporary Moulded Leather Bracelet Stack by Freeload Accessories


Blue Leather Moulded & Silver Earrings by Freeload Accessories


Red Saddle Bag by Freeload Accessories


Saddle Bag
Hand Crafted Leather 'Merritt' Messenger Bag by Freeload - red
Group Leather Kindle Case by Freeload Accessories
Cardholder by Freeload - Yellow
New Red Midi Front by Freeload Accessories
Rustic Brown Leather Preston Handbag by Freeload Accessories - front
Marine Overnight bag by Freeload Accessories
Blue Leather iPhone Case by Freeload Accessories
Macbook Air Case by Freeload Accessories- black
Tan Leather iPad Air Case by Freeload Accessories
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