Extracted from the semi-precious stone lapis-lazuli, blue once had to travel all the way from the Middle East to reach Europe. Luckily, that is not the case any more and with our blue collection it is even easier to get access to wonderful designs all coloured in blue. The colour of the sky and sea, blue radiates with tranquillity and its calming effect has always made it a favourite option for designs that stand the test of time. Pick a new side table in soft turquoise to rest your cup on while relaxing with your favourite book. Pamper yourself with new jewellery in blue and silver or bring that old shirt back to life with a new pair of cufflinks. Thinking of getting new cushions for your living room? The ones we have for you will add a de-stressing tone to your evenings; do a little bit of day-dreaming with something in blue. Please note that all products featured here have a blue variant even if it's not visible on the featured image.