Lean against velvety cushions, spice up your walls with life-like rugs, wrap yourself in warm and elegant shawls or pick a pair of funky cufflinks for your wardrobe. Our textiles section brings together home and self accessories made from beloved textiles ranging from linen and wool to Harris tweed.

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Afternoon Tea Towel by Ashley Thomas
ALma Green Pouch by Snowden Flood. Organic Cotton.
Alto Cumulus Clouds Lampshade by Snowden Flood, cotton
Baked with love Tea Towel by Ashley Thomas
Beach Huts Teatowel by Linescapes
Bessie Yellow Pouch by Snowden Flood in Yellow, Grey. Organic Cotton
Brighton Landmarks Canvas Bag by Linescapes. Cotton
Brighton Pavillion Teatowel by Linescapes
Brown gardening Pouch
Calendula Pouch by RubyKite in cotton


Calendula Pouch
Chocolate is the Answer Tea Towel by Ashley Thomas
Cocktail Party Tea Towel by Ashley Thomas
Copper Sun Necklace by Michelle Lowe-Holden
Copper Sun Necklace

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Cumulo Nimbus Cloud Lampshade by Snowden Flood, cotton
Favourite Place Cushion by Ashley Thomas
Feather Cushion by RubyKite


Green Gardening Pouch by Snowden Flood
Green gardening Pouch
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Botnica tea towel by Jonna Saarinen
Happy Kitchen Tea Towel by Ashley Thomas
Haveli Apron by Suitcase Susie
Haveli Apron
Haveli Double Oven Glove by Suitcase Susie
Haveli Kitchen Textiles Set by Suitcase Susie
Haveli Tea Towel by Suitcase Susie
Hundreds & Thousands Tea Towel by Jonna Saarinen. Linen. Yellow

46 results

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