For all your friends that decided to tie the knot our wedding gifts collection has some very stylish suggestions that will make newly-wed couples smile. Gifts for the bride and groom, home accessories and decorative pieces that all make for a perfect wedding list.

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Splinter Design - Bird - Walnut green
Bird - Walnut
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Cosmic Jar by Headsprung
Cosmic Jar
'Straw' Salt & Pepper Shaker by DesignK
Snowden Flood, Tree Glasses - Black
Linda Bloomfield, Tactile Coloured Plate, green
Tactile coloured plate
From £12.00
Petit four stand with gold shoes by Undergrowth Design earthenware
Blaue Blume sugar bath with red shoes by Undergrowth Design
Henry the Egg Cup (set of 2) by DesignK
Fish Eye Mother of Pearl Earrings by Amanda Jane
Fish Eye Mother of Pearl Earrings

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Splinter Design - Birds - Sycamore
Birds -Two Love Birds
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Blaue Blume teacup with gold shoes by Undergrowth Design. earthenware.
Blaue Blume teapot with gold shoes by Undergrowth Design
E, T and C Spoons  - Silver
 Herbivore Indoor Planter by Jody Leach
Orishe Vase by Headsprung
Orishe Vase
Planet Necklace by Little Object silver brass
Planet Necklace

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Tactile Porcelain Mug by Linda Bloomfield
Linda Bloomfield - Tactile coloured bowl - green
Takae Mizutani, Sloth Tea Helper
Linda Bloomfield, Dimpled Bowl
Dimpled Bowl
Large Paisley Fruit Bowl by Tina Vlassopulos
Tower Bridge River Series Side Plates by Snowden Flood
Twig Lidded Pot
Twig Lidded Pot
Luna Mini Double Heart Tealight by Luna Lighting

95 results

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