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3d Printed Bicycle Trouser Clip by Gilbert13. Green, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow.
Auxbowl01 Bowl by Gilbert13 Blue acrylic
Black Fold Shelf by Gilbert13
Cakescapes Metal Christmas Cake Decoration by Gilbert13
Felt Shingle Tree by Gilbert13. Felt, Sustainable birch plywood. Grey, green Blue, Red
Felt Shingle Tree
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Holly and Leaf Christmas Wreath by Gilbert13. Green and Red. recycled Felt, sustainable birch plywood.
Architecture pageCUES by Gilbert13
Food page CUES lifestyle demo
Parklife pageCUES by Gilbert 13
Woodland pageCUES by Gilbert 13
Screenprinted Bauble Wreath by Gilbert13
Slot Together Brilliant Bee Kit by Gilbert 13
Snowflake Window Decorations by Gilbert13, white
Wildflower Spring Wreath by Gilbert13. White, purple, Blue. Recycled birch plywood.
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