Valentine's Day

For the people we love who changed our lives through rain and shine. To celebrate the memories shared and made through the seasons. It's the thoughtful gifts no matter big or small that are cherished and remembered on that special day and beyond. Make this year's Valentine's Day special for your loved one with our range of unique and delightful gifts ranging from cufflinks to glassware to jewellery and ceramics. Celebrate your love in style!

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Valmier Rose Pouch by Snowden Flood.
Dimpled Bowl by Linda Bloomfield, pale blue
Dimpled Bowl
From £26.00
Therma Cup by Therma Cup Co, ceramics and insulated.
Therma Cup - 2 Cups

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Manifestation with the Fairies for Love and Beauty Earrings by Cosmic-Union. Gemstones.
You're the Moo to my Cow by Baldy and The Fidget
You're the Moo to my Cow Print
From £25.00

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Peekaboo Cup Gold by Undergrowth Design. Earthenware
Peas In a Pod Necklace by Amanda Jane's
Peas In a Pod Necklace
From £18.00

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Stag Glass Cufflinks by Georgina Griffiths Glass
Stag Glass Cufflinks

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Luna Mini Full Heart Tealight by Luna Lighting
Nebula Print Clutch by Few London
Nina van Houten Small Shell Golden Pendant
Zahara Turquoise Cave Necklace
Zahara Turquoise Cave Necklace

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Undergrowth Design - Atmospheric Tumblers - Mysterious Menagerie
Orishe Vase by Headsprung


Orishe Vase
£26.25 £35.00
Huggable Orange ceramic mug by Lesley McShea
Tutti Frutti Pendant by Lua Lua in Orange, Pink and Red
RHOMBI Necklace by Rentaro Nishimura in Thermoplastic Polyurethane. White
RHOMBI Necklace
Luna Mini Double Heart Tealight by Luna Lighting
Tactile Cosy Mug by Linda Bloomfield
Cosy Mug
Time Travel Silk Scarf by Amanda Jane's
Time Travel Silk Scarf
From £38.00

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Luna Maxi Stars Porcelain Light by Luna Lighting
Luna Maxi Stars
Horse & Pearls Mug by Sasha Tugolukova
Red Aluminium Suffragist Earrings by Sally Lees
Half Moon Wood Studs & Necklace Set by DEBOSC

149 results

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