Treasures of Nature

Through the hustle and bustle of daily life and the sounds of city life, a walk under the foliage of forests and vast woodlands is a rare opportunity.   With spring there is a rebirth and a new cycle, longer days and rising temperatures. It is a celebration for plants, blooming flowers and bringing nature indoors and into your home with nature inspired products from our designers. Transform your home with trugs that sway in the breeze, wooden products with rich aroma and tableware that reflects the colours of flowers, leaves and trees around us. Make your abode a place of treasures.
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All Over Leaf Print Purse by Few London
Screenprint Leaf Purse by Few London
Bellow Grinders in ash wood by Vitamin
Bellow Grinders
KIT Desk Organiser by HR Design Studio - White
Dahlia Linen Cushion by Michelle Mason
Dahlia Cushion
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Floral Cyanotype Cushion by Terrarium
Floral Cyanotype Cushion

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Hello Grimes Make Up bag blue wildflower pattern
Cosmic Jar by Headsprung
Cosmic Jar
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Butterfly Silk Scarf by Terrarium
Butterfly Silk Scarf

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Midnight Floral Silk Scarf by Terrarium
Midnight Floral Silk Scarf

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Tab oak light shade by John Green designs
All Over Leaf Print Clutch by Few London
Sparkled Top Petal Table
Sparkled Top Petal Table

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Tab walnut light shade by John Green Designs
Hello Grimes Skiing Print
Skiing Print
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Beach Huts Teatowel by Linescapes


Remo Mixed Colours Cork Coasters by Jonna Saarinen multicolour
East Design Andrew Cunningham Inlaid Dot blockclock in walnut with beechwood.
Embrace Store Furniture - Birch by John Green Designs
Woodland Undergrowth Silk Scarf by Terrarium
Woodland Undergrowth Silk Scarf

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Moon Necklace by Hazelnut Jewelry, in Sterling Silver or GOld
Moon Necklace
Saturn Necklace by Hazelnut Jewelry. in Sterling Silver or Gold
Saturn Necklace
Half Moon Wood Studs & Necklace Set by DEBOSC
World Necklace by Hazelnut Jewelry. In sterling Silver or Gold
World Necklace

124 results

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