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With the arrival of warmer weather, flowers of various shapes and sizes are in full bloom, bringing colour, beauty and fragrances to our lives. Our designers found inspiration in their surroundings and nature subtly weaving the curves, textures and colours of plants and flowers into everyday objects. From jewellery to candles and cushions to vases, find all the floral inspiration you need in our Plant and Flower Collection. Discover ideas in our suggestions for planting and bringing flowers into your home all year round. 

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Wildscape Pouch Cotton by RubyKite
Wildscape Pouch
Lathed Planter by Harriet Caslin. Porcelain in white, grey, green, rose, peach
Lathed Planter
 Herbivore Indoor Planter by Jody Leach
Slot Together Brilliant Bee Kit by Gilbert 13
Hello Grimes Greenhouse Print
Greenhouse Print
From £20.00
Hello Grimes Heathland Print
Heathland Print
Hello Grimes Woodland Print
Woodland Print
Miramare Cork Coasters by Jonna Saarinen
Seaskape Skinny Silk Scarf by RubyKite


Wildscape Skinny Silk Scarf
£55.00 £60.00
Butterfly Pendant
VIOLETTA Silk Scarf by So Klara

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METEORA Scatter Cushion by SO KLARA

60 results

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