Penny Brohn Cancer Care Christmas Selection

Here you will find products that have been handpicked to benefit Penny Brohn Cancer Care and 5% of all these carefully selected E-shop sales will be donated to Penny Brohn Cancer Care . Between 10 November and 15 January 2016 5% of all sales made on the Hidden Art E-Shop will be donated to Penny Brohn Cancer Care. And in some cases designers will also donate part of their income. This is the second year that Hidden Art supports Penny Brohn Cancer Care. For a personal account of last year's campaign see here 



81 results
No.2 Screwdriver Set by Elementary Design
Thelermont Hupton - Lap Mug - bLUE
Lap Mug
Blossom bottle opener by Vitamin
Bottle Opener
Baked With Love Notebook
Luna Mini Stocking Tealight by Luna Lighting
Square ‘Iskola’ Pot Stand by Jonna Saarinen. Pink and Green
Wooden Hooks
Wooden Hooks
Have a tea-rrific Christmas Card by Tee and Toast
Amanda Jane heart mother of Pearl Earrings red silver
Heart Mother of Pearl Earrings

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Snowden Flood, Albert Bridge Tea Towel
Albert Bridge Tea Towel
£9.50 Sold Out
‘Shishki’ Christmas Tree Decoration by Parasite Ceramics
Arc Printed 100% Organic Cotton Tea Towel Pink Blue by Nitin Goyal London
Tactile Porcelain Mug by Linda Bloomfield
Snowden Flood Albert Bridge Mug blue
Birds Tea Plate by Parasite Ceramics
Birds Tea Plate
Dog Jug by Parasite Ceramics
Dog Jug
Queen of Hearts ring in Fluorescent pink by Rentaro Nishimura
Koru Mug by Suitcase Susie
Koru Mug
Luna Mini Angel Tealight by Luna Lighting
Luna Mini Xmas Tree Tealight by Luna Lighting
Green Belt Mug by Parasite Ceramics
Green Belt Mug
From £11.00 Sold Out
Linda Bloomfield - Tactile Cosy Mug - Citrine
Screenprinted Bauble Wreath by Gilbert13
Baltic Mixed Colours Coasters by Jonna Saarinen

81 results

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