Neutral Home Accessories

Neutral Home Accessories when combined with the right combinations of textures and contrasting colours and patterns can be absolutely stunning. Neutrals are classic and show a clean, crisp look that can elevate the entire room. Here are some great products to get you going…


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Lathed Planter by Harriet Caslin. Porcelain in white, grey, green, rose, peach
Lathed Planter
Luna Mini House Tealight by Luna Lighting
New Detray (Maple) by Debosc - Flexible Sofa Tray. PLywood birch, maple veneer
Luna Mini Full Heart Tealight by Luna Lighting
KIT Desk Organiser by HR Design Studio - White
Stellar Cosmos Lightshade by Damdesign
Stuck on You kitchen Wall Hook Set by Thelermont Hupton. White
Takae Mizutani - My Little Planet Vase
Flag Mirror by Soner Ozenc
Flag Mirror
Dreams Mirror by Soner Ozenc
Dreams Mirror
Hover Vase by Thelermont Hupton. Bone China.
Hover Vase
Dash Mirror by Thelermont Huipton/ Bone China
Dash Mirror
Label Mirror by Thelermont Hupton. Bone China. White
Label Mirror
Drum Clock by Thelermont Hupton. Bone China
Drum Clock
Turned Clock by Thelermont Hupton. Bone China
Turned Clock
Label Clock by Thelermont Hupton in bone china
Label Clock
Luna MIni Westie Porcelain Light by Luna Lighting
Love Porcelain tealight by Luna Lighting
Natural History Collection Zebra Cushions by Michelle Mason
Zebra Cushion
Pitch Pendant made from Aluminium by Vitamin
Pitch Pendant
Table Clock White by Gie El Home
Table Clock

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Luna Mini Eiffel Tower Tealight
Design Studio Hugo Ribeiro Claw Desk Organiser Yellow

54 results

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